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So first of all let me preface that I really really enjoy Splatoon 2, and I played a ton of Splatoon (probably my 2nd favorite Wii U game after Bayo 2), so I'm not really hating on the game. But some nagging thoughts just want out, and y'all are going to have to deal.

  1. Would it have hurt Nintendo to add more music? The repeated playlist was an issue in the first game too and this is like that, again. The 1-minute-left tune, after dozens of matches, really just highlights how repetitive the soundtrack is. Which is crazy because there is so much cool music in the game, just doesn't seem like any of it gets used in multiplayer?
  2. The weapons somehow seem less well thought out this time around. Is the stingray good for anything at all? Compared to the inkjets or tentamissiles the stingray seems absolutely useless. It just plants your feet and lets you not do anything useful. The levels I've played so far make chargers pointless. They make you incredibly weak up close (as to be expected) but the levels don't lend themselves to mid-range sniping anything less than the scoped versions push you towards. Why would you ever use a charger over any of the plentiful rapid fire sprayguns? In fact, rapid fire is absolutely king in this if results are to be judged by. I have never ever had problems with anyone with a blaster or charger, but literally anything with a decent firing rate can put up a fight. The aerospray is so ridiculously easy to dominate with it makes choosing anything more deliberate feel like a mistake. The splatling guns.. Why oh why. Why. Just why. They made it a charger which makes it pointless up close, and each burst is not long enough to suppress.. This thing could have been an excellent long range low power suppressor/area denial weapon, and instead it's just a death sentence. Overall I just think there are a few too many obvious duds in the arsenal. A significant balance update is due.
  3. I think the current levels are pretty boring and don't make particularly good use of new features like the grind lines. They need to start rolling out bangers from the previous game soon because these are getting heck of old. Humpback Pump track in particular is a flat out whiff of a design, devolving into a messy and chaotic king of the hill that I think kind of oversteps the kind of splatoon chaos you want in favor of something that just feels random.
  4. I really wish they'd included a minimap with the dpad for quick-jump to teammates. Having to bring up the map full screen all but guarantees i barely ever have time for it. I really try to practise using it more but it was so easy on the Wii U and here it just feels jarring. Bring up map, select teammate, confirm teammate. It's at least one step too many.
  5. One thing I wonder about, and I'm probably wrong: These matches swing so much I wonder why they are 3 minutes long. It seems to me anything of import happens during the last minute anyway. You can utterly dominate the map only to be smashed the last 60 seconds, which makes me sometimes wonder what the point is to making much of an effort the preceding 120... I guess just to grind points?

Anyway, I still love this game and when more updates roll out I'm sure things'll improve. But the weapons really do bother me.

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@svenzon: Arcanum is toouuuughh like that

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I have my own Steam category of games that are just depressive enough to be a mental challenge, and no, they don't see a lot of play... Depression is ultra subjective, and as someone with chronic depression the willingness to engage with intentionally depressive content is not an easy undertaking.

One of the reasons games like Depression Quest actively provokes me is because it insists to know What Depression Is Like, which is in itself really indicative of a depressive thought-set: Depression is a self-obsession factory. You're not reaching out to help others with depression or reaching out to teach others what it's like to be depressed, you're just parading your own suffering for others to sympathize with. That's gross, and helps nobody but yourself.

I just don't like suffering-porn of any kind, so that stuff gets discarded early.

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Difficulty vs frustration is a very careful balance. Frustration is what stops me, not difficulty. Dark Souls is an absolute pleasure of a series, but I have never finished Ironman XCOM or pretty much any permadeath game ever. Not a fan of permadeath at all, actually, unless it's in a run-based game like Dead Cells.

Pet peeve: Games that insist their most gruelling fuck-you mode of play is "how it's meant to be played". XCOM 2 is ultra guilty of this. I loved my first save scummy playthrough of that thing, and with as buggy a mess the game was, if I hadn't save scummed it would literally not have been playable for me, what with enemies taking magical extra actions teleporting across the map to melee your dudes through walls, triggering overwatch shots after their attack was over, just as an example among many. The trick to such difficulty is an unwavering and utter dedication to fairness, I think, and XCOM 2 fails that test every which way imaginable, and in fact revels in fucking you over. No thanks, to that.

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It comes down to quality of experience for me. I struggle getting into young adult stuff because I generally find the writing to be pretty bad or aiming for a low common denominator, which I guess makes market sense but was a roadblock with Harry Potter for me, for instance.

Persona 5 suffered somewhat in this regard, too. Not because the characters were young, but because the writing seemed to be dripping with How Do You Do Fellow Kids. The whole screw adults they don't understand waa I want more power to choose in my own life angle was a superficial teen angst appropriation nightmare, and pushed me firmly away towards the end, to where I didn't even finish it after 160 hours: I just didn't care anymore.

On the flipside, read something like Roald Dahl's "Boy", which has all the horrors and hilarious wonder of childhood in a package that never flinches from the worst gut punches. Or pseudo memoirs like Chad Fifer's Children in Heat, which I think does a much better job of actually conveying and empathizing with what it's actually like to be a kid.

I think it's a baseline requirement of a decent person to be able to empathize with essentially anyone. If you can't empathize with, say, a character of another gender or age bracket or racial background, I think you've some bigger and more fundamental problems as a human being.

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Ryuji is a great example of the game's bizarre, youth-pandering writing. Fuck adults! Fuck not getting to what I want!

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Alright, so I'm at the 110 hour mark now and at this point I'm just angry haha.

This game is really too damn long. The best parts are the social sim stuff which is legitimately wonderful, even if the characters have almost zero growth and you see every character the game has to offer halfway through. The combat stuff has devolved into a grindy mess of watching two meters go up and down, and it has barely changed since 4. Or 3 for that matter. P5 has actually made me look back on the previous games less favorably. I played P3 on the PSP over a looong stretch of time and it was a great game to pick up and grind a little before bedtime. P4 was propelled in large part by the endurance run commentary for me, but now in P5, towards the end of the game every skill is in its ma variety, and the possibility space for actual tactics is ultra thin. It's truly puddle deep stuff. Shido's palace and everything that has come after it has been an absolute slog, dozens of hours past any sort of plot development in its ludicrous main story and every social link I could care about maxed, and it just goes and goes with endless combat. Oh cool, a boss that can summon 2 others that will heal it completely, has no weaknesses and does almighty damage, SUPER FUN: I found myself just turning off the PS3 out of sheer exhaustion. It's way too much. P5 rewards your 30 minute slog through a boss fight with a dozen more just like it. It really has zero excuse to be 100+ hours deep, and if anything the same complaint can be leveraged at the previous games too. The combat just isn't very interesting beyond the Persona collectathon, the skills begin repeating halfway through, and the plot is a flopping half-dead fish by the end. It's an amazing varial kickflip into an awkward stumble.

A week ago this was a strong 4-star game for me, held high by generosity of content and fantastic music. It's now uncomfortably at 3 and that makes me genuinely sad. It's like having thrown a party and it was super fun but hey it's been 11 hours now please leave people oh god who is that in my bed why is there coke all over my kitchen table I never asked for this

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I adored Persona 3 and 4, and I'm enjoying P5, but it is a much more qualified thing this time around. I'm 70 ish hours in at this point and I'll keep trucking, but I find myself holding triangle a lot more than I normally would, and the general structure of the thing is just losing its luster for me:

Dull characters

I really struggle to care about these fools. As opposed to P4, there really isn't a character among the P5 team I care much for, and the confidants have the bluntest, dullest clichèed stories to follow. Ohya's plotline is essentially solved by listening to her bullshit a lot. Mishima is fucking intolerable. Shinji is just a brat. Fuck these people.

Too much style

Never thought I'd say this, but while those awesome menus and animations and transitions are neat the first dozen times or so, by hour 70 you start to realize you'd probably be at hour 60 if your playtime wasn't constantly being padded out by these laborious unskippable sequences. I read somewhere that the italicized/angled text was actually toned down during development, but reading angled text is still unpleasant enough that I can barely catch the names of side characters I talk to unless they actually speak them. If there's a rumor-loving girl in there somewhere, I wouldn't know.

Too much loading

Loading times on the PS3 are really too much. I'm eternally thankful the fast-travel system is so rich, because the load times actively dissuade me from wanting to explore the world very much and I'd never really get around. Load load load. Spinny head. Spinny head again.

Shut the hell up Morgana

Morgana's constant insistence that I should just go to sleep makes me want to kick that cat out the goddamn window. If you took the time to load me into this room, i'm standing in the middle of it, and LITERALLY the only thing I can do is go to bed, why not just fucking cut to me being in bed already? What's with these false choices? P5 is aggressively handholdy in what you can and can't do every day and it's maddening.

What did they do to 3-way fuses?

I really miss fusing Persona in P3 and 4, I felt like I had way more choices. The 3-way fusing in P5 presents you with a list of possible results and a to-do list of Persona you need to have to fuse them. It's just lame. Fusion in P5 for me so far has been really underwhelming.

It's just too damn long for NG+

I'm 70 hours into my first playthrough and I have too much of a life to live with other games to play than to bother with this ordeal a whole nother time. The first 30 hours or so I was looking forward to finishing and replaying with better stats so I could try things differently, and there really are enough situations and choices in P5 to make you want to try different approaches, but at this point I just could not be bothered. There is an absolutely crazy abundance of padding and fat on this game, with loading times and unskippable animations adding up to making the whole thing, truly, an endurance run. It did not have to be this long or slow, it has the density to support 2-3 NG+ playthroughs with half the runtime. When this game is over it is highly unlikely I will ever play it again unless they do some PC Golden version or something, and that makes me sad.

I'll keep going, gotta see this thing through, but I really wish they'd made this whole thing punchier and not been so endlessly self indulgent with their animation work. It feels absurd to say about a game that is so generous with content, but the game they made deserved a little better.

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Finished XCom2 today, after 60 ish hours or so. On one hand I was surprised to have completed the first campaign i started, but then I remembered the sheer amount of save scumming I did to cope with what I felt were bug-related failures and then I just felt kinda down about it. I did not save scum my way through Enemy Unknown, so having depended on it so heavily here was a real bummer.

Here's the real takeaway: I don't know if I'm any good at these games as they were designed. I basically never attain a sense of mastery, and that seems.. Bad. Feeling high on ending the campaign I decided to bite, and started another on ironman. First few missions went really well, or as well as can be expected with rookies, but with the first failure (the first retaliation mission was a stun lancer glitchmare) costing me what was at that point my A-team sent me into a spiral of wounded rookie management and repeated mission failure as enemies just got more powerful against my useless rookies my instinct was just a resounding "fuck this".

I just don't know if XCom 2 is as good as it thinks it is. I'm curious about how the balancing and pacing has been thought out. In my experience it's just a total demoralizing war of attrition early game and a rolling snowball of death later on, just steamrolling every map. I really wonder how much of my success was me being better at the game and exploiting the stats, or how much of it was just worse balance. Snake dudes (really troublesome earlier on with poisoning / pulling) stopped showing up altogether, and I don't think I was hit by a berserker once. The late game enemies just don't put up much of a fight, while dealing with sectoids and snakemen early is complicated and difficult (and long-term punishing via wounding).

Not entirely sure this game works as intended. If it does, it feels kind of random to me. Like it's out to whip you for one half and then give you a power fantasy the next.

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@mirado: I have never seen any ADVENT panic, and he was never flagged with the panic effect. To me it looks like the game simply didn't register his entire first turn as having happened, and then just, uh, did another one.