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Top 100 Weirdest Characters *Work in progress*

Any character that just makes you question what the fuck

List items

  • Looks like a BDSM gimp and if i recall correctly you could make him hump a sword til it broke in his ending in Souledge

  • He is weird but the entire katamari game series is just as crazy as this guy. He says random shit while the games is loading, belittles you even if you do good on a level, and he has you make planets by rolling up innocent people because he fucked up and made a black hole in the galaxy. He is a super douche.

  • I know this brings more immersion to a game but unless I go with the default look my character always ends up have huge eyes with no fore head, really tiny lips, and ears bigger then its whole face.

  • this is one character i thought looked cool and after every tekken and soul caliber game they up the craziness of his costume. I don't even know if he is supposed to be human any more.

  • Zach...There is a F,K in my coffee

  • Really, did we need a Earthworm Jim clone that had you fart jumping, booger launching, and burping around the levels? the answer is yes, yes we did.

  • Loved his game but if you think about it is just a worm in supersuit.

  • Not as weird as the others but fighting a ball comprised of dead naked bodies deserves a spot on this list.

  • I know what you're thinking. Why is he on this list? Maybe its because you can dress him in little girls clothes while wearing a horse head mask and carrying a mega buster and none of the other characters even bat an eye over it, which means they expect this sort of behavior out of Mr. West which puts him on this list.

  • From the Power Instinct fighting game series. This kid fights in practically nothing, when he powers up he his face goes all crazy, and if you knock him out you actually see his dick.

  • Also from Power Instinct. This is just an man dressed up in a dog suit that has moves where he even digs up bones and throws them. Any time I see a man in a dog suit i can't help but think of that scene in The Shining where Shelley Duvall runs up the stairs looks into a room where some dude in dog suit his blowing some old guy. Dog suit wearing men deserve a WTF.