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A solid experience but it can't match its predecessor 0

Mega Man is a video game character who truly needs no introduction. With enough games under his belt to give Bobby Kotick wet dreams, you're bound to have a couple duds here and there. A few years ago, Mega Man games seemed to be going out with a whimper after the horrible later games in the X series and the sub-par games on the DS. Fortunately, Mega Man 9 showed up and changed all that with a bold step back to when Mega Man was great. And now here we are, in tr...

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A game that's as challenging as you want it to be 0

I've always been a Mario fan. When I got an NES and Super Mario Bros, I played the hell out of that game, finding all the secrets and glitches. It was one of those things I could play and enjoy again, no matter how many times I played it. The same thing happened when I got my hands on Mario 3, and Mario World. I played and enjoyed the 3d Mario games too, but to me, Mario has always belonged in 2d.  So here we are, finally receiving a new home console 2d Mario game, the first since Super Mario W...

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Great game, annoying localization 4

If you've played a Dragon Warrior / Quest game before, you should know what to expect from this old school RPG. That said it's probably my favorite of the series. What sets it apart from other DQ games is mainly the marriage option and the monster recruitment system, which adds some Pokemon-style flavor. The marriage choice doesn't have too much of an earth shattering effect on gameplay but it's unique and adds to replayability. It's not quite as hardcore difficult as earlier games in the series...

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Disappointing. 1

I'm pretty disappointed with Resident Evil 5 overall, but by far my biggest complaint is the inventory system. Nine slots per character is not nearly enough. Carrying two weapons, with ammo, is already using up almost half your space. Pick up some grenades and  healing items, and you wind up running out of room constantly. Therefore you wind up leaving stuff in your magic, traveling inventory space, which you access by... Restarting the game from your last checkpoint? It destroys the flow of the...

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