A night of torrential rain (spoilers a plenty)

So I just finished Heavy Rain and I must say, the game is amazing! I am far from happy about the outcome but my actions drove me to what happened so there was nothing much I could do to prevent it.

I have had quite a few moments that stuck out big time and I felt it important to convey my feelings about these certain parts, especially because people may have had different experiences:

The religious freaks' apartment - This was the first part that actually struck a cord in me. I found myself with the opportunity to shoot down this clearly unstable guy. I chose to reason as long as I can because I know that that is something I would have done in this situation. I managed to persuade the guy to drop the gun and be compliant. Next thing I knew he started turning violently to my co-worker! On impulse I pressed R1 which got the guy shot... only to find out that he was only taking out his crucifix. This got me feeling extremely guilty at shooting an innocent person, even though he was a lunatic.

The old mans' dungeon –This was another part that I thought was stunning. It all started when I found myself in Madisons' position trying frantically to loosen my shackles before the sick bastard came back. The action was perfectly done because on one side of the screen I could see the progress of the old mans' transaction and in another my frantic desperation to get myself out. And of course once I was free, a battle ensued and I eventually, to my horror, got "knocked out" after the old mans' attacks. As I saw him observe and study madisons' body, I only felt horror, disgust and guilt... I was so glad to see her come alive and stab the perv in the heart!

The sex scene – This is a very minor moment for me but worthy of mention regardless. I mostly felt bad in this part because I chose to kiss Madison and see the sex scene unfold rather than selflessly perusue my son. I felt embarrassed by my selfish choice because I knew that as a father I would have NEVER done such a thing when my son was in danger of dying and that every second counts.

The sinking car scene – This one stuck out mostly because of the abundance of options and the lack of time. I felt that I was frantically trying to decide what to do, whether to wake up the girl before i broke the door, whether it mattered, etc, etc...

Saving Charlie Kramers’ life – Now this was more of an interesting dilemma than anything. I found myself pondering these two possibilities:

-           Giving Charlie Kramers’ pills: I give him the pills and i save his life. He may be grateful and leave me in peace, or he could be just another mafia style scumbag and stab me in the back regardless.

-           Letting Charlie Kramer die: I let him die. He wouldn’t pursue me but then again, I could gethis psychotic son on my arse which could end badly for me.

The final origami – This was the toughest game decision of my life... Here was my two   possibilities that had me vacillating for ages:

-           I leave: That would mean taking the chance that my son may die. Ethan becomes irreparably distraught aand/or suicidal as well as a possible convict  if he gets caught. OR he finds his son in time and everything goes ok.

-           I take the poison: This would be the ultimate sacrifice; sacrificing yourself to save another human being. This would ensure that my son lives but I would die. My only salvation is if someone provided me with an antidote before I die.

Finding my son – This was extremely emotional for me. I found myself tearing from joy when shaun spluttered and coughed after a couple of agonizing minutes of trying to revive and shake my son into consciousness.

Overall, this game found a special place in my heart and I hope as many people as possible try to play this game. Although many may be annoyed and frustrated by its slow pace, it is truly a game worth playing.