Curse you Firefox.

I was just finishing up a wiki edit and Firefox pops up a window saying the browser has crashed and it will restore my tabs. Which does me no good knowing my edits weren't saved. It just kinda sucks.
That's the first time I've seen that happen though. Hm. Thought I'd blog it since I'm still trying to work on that blog 20 times quest. Eh.


Quake 4 Achievement Bug?

I just beat Quake 4, and all in all it's a solid game. I was noticing I wasn't getting achievements in it..(beating the game with only 2 achievements totaling 30 points). I'm not very upset at it but I beat the game on Corporal, which is the second difficulty up from Private, and the 3rd hardest difficulty in the game. I didn't get Complete Act I - Corporal, Complete Act II - Corporal, or Defeat the Strogg - Corporal. I also should have gotten Full Arsenal, and maybe one or two more in my first play, but nothing. I only got the achievements for Blaster Master (only using the blaster in a level) and The Machine (only using the machine gun in a level).

I don't know if it's a bug in the game or what.. but I'm just glad I finished the game and I did enjoy the campaign which was actually pretty lengthy. I wasn't expecting it to be near as along as it was. I'm hoping I didn't get the Corporal achievements because I skipped Private, so if I beat it on Private I would of gotten it. If so that might get me to play the game more. I'll see though. I did plan on replaying it on Private to go for the doing a level with only 1 gun achievements, so we'll see.

I'll have a review up for Quake 4 in the coming days, I hope. On another note, I did write a Condemned 2 review today, so please check it out.


Third Top Editor: Franchises

I just noticed today I was the third top editor for game franchises. I have no idea how that many points are determined for top editors in things such as franchises, concepts, etc. I also noticed one of my friends, Player1 is only one there. Congratulations to you as well.

Franchise Top Editors
Franchise Top Editors
Besides that, gaming wise, I've been playing nothing new. I just got my copy of BioShock back from lending it out, so I think I'll replay that sometime in the future to catch back up on it, and maybe get some missed achievements from my first play. I know I'll definitely kill all the little girls this time around, to help me upgrade myself more and faster. I admit I didn't kill any, to get the 100 point achievement in the game.

I'm still working on Quake 4 as well. Although it got a lot of negative reviews for the Xbox 360, I'm quite enjoying this game. I'm enjoying the creepy atmosphere, no where near some of the Resident Evils or other horror themed games, but it has a nice creep factor, and enjoyable weapons.

I expect to do more quality blogs soon, instead of these "hey I got this many points", "hey I'm top editor in whatever game". I promise my next one will be better.

5,000+ Points & Slowing Down

I hit 5,000 yesterday, mainly thanks to Street Fighter. Since I hit 5,000 and have the majority of the features available that I can have, I'll definitely slow down on the editing/uploading now.

I also assure you this is my last point related blog. I really don't see myself hitting 10,000 anytime soon anyway. I'm pretty satisfied with what I have.


What Features I Would Like For Profiles

I would like to see the ability to maybe customize profiles to an extent.
For example:

  • Choose if you want like a mini review instead of the whole review on your page, making your profile long.
  • Choose what boxes you want on your profile, if you didn't want your lists on your profile you can choose to hide them.
  • Movable boxes in case you want your wall higher up so you can see it without having to scroll down the page.

Hit the 1,000 mark.


I logged in today to see a gain of 500 or so points, of course I'm very happy. I can finally do some live submissions!. 5,000 mark I'm coming for you! Besides the 1,000 points Giant Bomb accepted my hand written article on Resident Evil 2. I plan to do more in the future and not abuse the ability to make live submissions.

Once I hit the 5,000 mark I have some images I really want to delete that got put on pages for "there was a error message" that pops up during uploads sometimes. That and change some games displayed images, that could be better. Over all help make the site a better place of course.

Error Machine

Edited: Old blog where I told people who play children aimed games for trophies/achievements are lame. Nowadays I feel like people should just play whatever they want. Go for it.


Getting Into The Game, That Is Giant Bomb.

I've started getting into the editing/adding system. I don't have loads of points like some people have, but I have 11 right now, and I'm fine with that. I see most of my points will come from adding images to the site, and maybe some wiki information here and there. Maybe one day I'll have 1,000 points, but I don't see it anything soon.

I hope everyone out there is loving the site so far, I know I'm having fun with it.


My second site for gaming news and community.

Hello everyone.
Like the title says, this is my second site I use for gaming news and such, and interact in a community. Gamespot being my first. I never got into IGN, or the others, just been loyal to GameSpot since 2004-2005. I joined Giant Bomb because I am a big fan of the staff and the site looks really nice for a beta, with a few bugs here and there.

I'm going to try my best to go between here and GameSpot, and post, do whatever to help out the site.