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As long as old school spirit is what you want and not just visuals or genre, check out Tokyo Jungle.

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I'm not sure if this is in the wrong forum, and it may be stupid for me to ask this since it seems like it could be already possible, but will there ever be away to browse pages which have a cross-section of traits? That's an unclear way of putting it, but let's say I wanted to browse games with an isometric viewpoint. I can do that now. I can also browse game pages with grid-based movement. Will there ever be a way for me to browse for games that are isometric and have grid-based movement? Kind of like being able to add multiple tags to a filter on certain sites. Giant Bomb has the related games feature which is very nice but it's also imperfect.

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I think the Duke, the S, and the 360 controller are  the only controllers that I think are even reasonably good anymore. All other controllers are severely flawed in some way or another. My biggest issue with the Gamecube one was the C-stick. It felt really cheap and weird and it didn't feel natural for my thumb to go on it at all.
Not that the S and the Duke don't have flaws, but I find them way more forgivable. I really like the Duke actually :/

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Play roguelikes. Download DoomRL, play it first. Then choose one of Crawl(Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup), Ancient Domains of Mystery, Nethack, and Angband and play the shit  out of it. I recommend Crawl because it has a tutorial. You will not beat these games this summer but you should give them a real shot. They grow on you the more you play.
Also try games from Paradox Interactive. They make really high level strategy games where stuff usually takes a looooong time.

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@Trylks said:

I just realized why does this happen.  As games become more popular and mainstream, the capability of amusement that nerds may find on turn based games (thinking, comparable to chess) is not so generalizable. In the "main stream" people like to have fun with something that is more instinctive, inmediate, thoughtless reflexes and skill. And that's why turn based games are and will always be for a group of people, that were previously the gamers, but now are only a group of gamers.

Gettin vibes like  you're assuming that the nerds who played video games in the 80s all preferred turn based games. What the hell were ES: Arena or Ultima: Underworld? I also strongly oppose your use of the words "thoughtless" and "thinking". Yes, it's true, in fast-paced games, you want to think as little as possible, but that doesn't mean you aren't making decisions, sometimes very complex ones. That thinking has to be offloaded elsewhere, and that's why you have practice games. It still takes a player who is at least smart at that particular game to make whatever dozens of tiny micro-adjustments he has to make to every particular situation. Just saying "Yeah, turn-based games are thinking and are like chess and real-time games are thoughtless and instinctive" is a gross underestimation of real time games and IMO reveals a pretty lacking understanding of real time games and how the really good players are really good at them.
I can't be the only one who gets pretty annoyed at all these ill-conceived hypotheses people have about the normies and casuals hurting video games. Jeeze, after all, what was Everquest but a reification of the nerdy 80s gaming community? Everquest, a real time game, and a pretty "thoughtless" one. Popular with nerds. Computer nerds, in fact.
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I think the successor to this kind of thing is the ARG like Ilovebees. That's much more interesting IMO.

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FF3(JP) is kind of bad. I'd recommend it to JRPG enthusiasts only, but i guess on the plus side I would actually recommend it to JRPG enthusiasts. I think in that case you should probably be playing a remake on a different system, though.
My recommendations are Wolfenstein RPG, Zenonia, Angry Birds, The Quest, 100 Rogues, and Battle for Wesnoth.

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@mosdl said:

Space flight sims in general need to come back. Sadly they may make it a kinect on rails game...

Agreed, X3 is not enough :( I would probably throw up if I heard about a space flight sim and it turned out to be an on rails motion control game.
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Catan is the best. The XBLA one is just as fun.

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@sparks50 said:
Obviously in an fps you cannot pit mouse and keyboard against a gamepad without doing something drastic to even the playing field out. So what they did was to impede the action of the mouse. I have never played an fps where I had so little control of where the crosshairs were going. Though mind you, you could still get an upper hand in situations where the gamepad people have to turn quickly because of their huge blindspots, but the broken aim completely killed the fun I had with it.
If they do this crossplatform stuff I hope they just do like they did with Quake 3 on the Dreamcast and give the middle finger to the console gamers. Let the matchmaking sort it out.