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TQ's 2016 Listravaganza! Games to Look Out For

2015 came and went, as did previous years. I've been out of the game(s) for too long and now it's time to get back in! This year, I'll be looking primarily at PC and 3DS games, along with IOS, Wii U (and potentially NX) games. I don't have a PS4 nor XBOne but I suppose if I had to choose, I would go PS4 simply because there are more of my style games available for it. The only XBOne franchise I really care about is Halo but it's not worth the money alone for one series of games.

Now on to this list!

List items

  • This game looks amazing. Visually pleasing and decent sound effects, but the potential to grasp me in a huge way with it's narrative is why I am looking forward to Firewatch.

  • XCOM was a captivating game to me and even more captivating than Civ V...which should have been better than Civ IV but simply wasn't. That's why I am hoping XCOM 2 exceeds XCOM in terms of gameplay, strategy, and even more options when it comes to tactics.

  • I never played Euro Truck Simulator 2 nor 1. I've played truck simulator games more than a decade ago and have had my fill, so when Euro Truck came out I just didn't feel the need to invest more time into the concept. American Truck Simulator promises to let us explore enormous stretches of the West Coast and potentially the entire United States. That alone is reason enough to keep an eye on American Truck Simulator.

  • Dinosaurs. What else needs to be said?

  • I've been looking forward to The Division for what seems like ages. I'm glad this is finally becoming a reality. I only hope it's not too late for me to be as excited playing this as I was when I heard of the concept.

  • I've never played a DOOM game. The closest I've come is the Doom demo from a year I can't remember...I want to say 2008ish? What I experienced was fun and I really wanted to play the full game, but couldn't afford it. Being trapped on a space station on Mars was truly a compelling idea at the time. I hope to correct my distance from this franchise with Bethesda's 2016 Doom.

  • I've never played a Total War game nor Warhammer game. The idea of these two franchises together though is compelling enough for me to want to play it.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution was groundbreaking to me the first time I played it. Stealth, planning, RPG, and FPS action all rolled into one? Yes. I will be playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided if I can help it!