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The newest title in Total War franchise that changes the historical setting for a classic dark fantasy based on the tabletop Warhammer Fantasy Battle, where the human Empire led by the Emperor Karl Franz fights never-ending war with green-skinned Orcs, sneaky rat-men - Skaven, Vampire Counts from Sylvania and waits for an inevitable confrontation with the powerful forces of Chaos coming from the Northern Wastes.

Announced Playable Races

The Empire - human faction modelled after 15th century Germany. A rennaisance army, where longswords and halberds go hand in hand with cannons and steam tanks straight out of Da Vinci's drawing board. The standard units are supplemented with hero units (such as Witch Hunters and the Emperor himself), powerful mages and magical beasts, such as demigryphs.

Orcs - tribal and unorganized greenskins who live to pillage and wage war on each other and the neighboring lands. Come together as a (somewhat) coherent army when WAAGH, a crusade against a larger foe is called upon. The orc faction utilizes a "clap-your-hands-if-you-believe" principle in its tactics and the army consists of such interesting units as a Doomdiver Catapult (a catapult that shoots goblins on paragliders) and Giants that spit acid on their foes.

Dwarves - a classic portrayal on the well known fantasy dwarf - a declining old race that has its Golden Age behind it, now living in the dwindling communities closed in old mountain forts. Dwarves are a technologically advanced race that fight a losing war against the invading Orcs and rat-like Skaven who lurk in the shadows.

Vampire Counts - an army of undead led by powerful, centuries-old vampires. The standard vampire army comprises of disposable, mindless hordes of zombies and ghouls supplemented by powerful creatures of the night and the vampire lords themselves.

Gameplay changes

For the first time in the history of Total War franchise, the player will be able to use flying units and field magic users and other single hero units in battle.

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