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Do we need more video game journalism?

Hey so this is my first of many video game blogs and I was just thinking about a fairly important concept in today's video game sphere. (yes I like the word should you!)  Last night I was checking the "Giantbombsquad" twitter and I found this "community" podcast called the Bonusexp podcast which was hosted by some guys that have a video game blog/website/thingy they are all working toward. It reminded me of many of the past small journalism squads I used to keep up with near religiously, before I kinda downward spiraled into one place for video games gamespot and then here. It also piqued a few questions in both my business mind and my journalist mind. the business question was "Is starting up a video game journalism hub profitable anymore?" which of course lead to more questions. My other question in my journalistic mind was "Do we need more video game journalists?" Of course this question harkens back to another idea of "does the world need more opinions?" and if you judge based off of the millions of people in tweetland, and facebookvillage one would argue that opinions are more valuable than anything today....if only we could harvest it for all of its energy....the world would be a better place. I was looking at IGN and Gamespot and Kotaku and Giantbomb and wondering what other part of the journalism market needs to or can be covered at this point? I have no firm conclusion on any of my questions at this point but I have come up with my own opinion based off of a little thing I read from a certain Jeff Gerstmann. He was responding to a question about video game reviews and said that "people should get as much information about a game until they are certain whether they should buy it or not" (he actually wrote much less than that) essentially stating that as long as there is more or different information out there about a game it makes the consumer more aware of what they are spending their money on. This industry doesn't have an Ebert and Roeper because Halo doesn't cost 10 dollars, and the more a consumer knows about what they are purchasing, the better the video game industry is as a whole. 
Now on the scale of profitability things are a lot different, so I won't go down that rabbit hole just yet, but I think I am coming to grips with the fact that we don't need more journalism, but the more outlets for one to understand a product and get the most out of it there are, the better.