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Too Fast Too Furious 0

Oh Sonic the Hedgehog, you were so fantastic back in the olden days when you and Mario fought over supreme rule in the minds of platform lovers. Back when you were more about speed than you were about saving the world, or even defeating Dr. Robotnik. But ever since your second installment things have seemingly gotten staler and staler, like 10 years of old lay's potato chips. Ever since Sonic has emerged onto the  3D video game scene back in his Dreamcast days things have been fairly mediocre if...

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Series Climax! 1

PlotRatchet and Clank: up Your Arsenal continues the adventures of Ratchet and Clank as they adventure through even more planets to save all organic life in the galaxy. The duo team up with Captain Qwark (the antagonist of their last adventure) and his newly assembled Q-force (consisting of a bunch of misfit individuals, and a monkey) as they try to take down Dr. Nefarious who's aim is to delete all organic life in the galaxy, or as he calls them "squishies" GameplayThe Gameplay in R & C: UY...

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