The Giantbomb Community's Top Ten Games of the Year 2011

Well here it is folks, there were a total of three hundred and twenty three people who submitted their usernames to be tabulated! Thanks to everyone who submitted! well, everyone excepting these people:

RJ Ruggington Dixego Neeshka Akeldama mrfluke nintendofunclub kzfkdfkzldfklf Metric Outlaw Roboyto KEITH1437 cbk486 Elyk247 Styl3s TinyGrasshopper SaturdayNightSpecials SnakeVIII CL60 huckleberrySassacre MrXD Subway monkeygekko Devilb0y corndunks Milkman opp nohthink Robkenno Berserker976 Little_Socrates

You fucked it up! Either you typed your username in wrong, you didn't create a list, or you managed to pull of some sort of wizardry like devilb0y (seriously, how did you... what?) I apologize for not including your lists.

Scoring went as follows: 10 points for being number 1, 9 points for being number 2, 8 points and so on until we reach number 10, which is only worth 1 point.

When I say "distribution" I mean how many people had the game as their number 1, 2, 3 and so on. A game with a distribution of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 would mean 1 person had it as number 1, 2 as number 2, 3 as number 3, and so on.

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