The Giantbomb Community's Top Ten Games of the Year 2012


Over six hundred and fifty people submitted lists this year! That's fantastic! That's easily 200% more than last time!

2012 was definitely an odd year for games. Easily the strongest year for downloadable titles ever, as the top ten list will clearly show. A big year for narrative in games as well. It's shocking to see how sparse the list is of AAA titles and sequels. Partially that may be because many of the AAA titles this year turned out to be disappointments, but the "smaller" titles picked up the slack with ample ability!

If you want a complete and thorough rundown of all submissions go to the following google spreadsheet where I have uploaded all the data I drew from the code. There are 2 sheets, one that shows totals and one that shows percentages. Each game received 10 points for being at the number 1 spot on a user's list, 9 points for being second, 8 for being third and so on and so forth. The "Appearances" column lists how many times the game appeared on someone's list, regardless of its placement. Then after that, it shows how many people voted for a game to be number 1, number 2, so and so forth etc. etc.

Now! Onwards to the list!

List items

  • Are you surprised? You aren't. No one is. Not only is The Walking Dead the Giantbomb Community's #1 Game of the Year, it is #1 BY A LANDSLIDE. Sitting comfortably at near DOUBLE the score total of the runner-up. 68 percent of users put The Walking Dead on their GOTY lists and the majority of them put it as their favorite game that year!

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, A turn based strategy game, makes it to 2nd place, losing to an interactive point and click adventure. Tie me down and slap me silly. XCOM was evenly featured among the top 3 on most users' lists.

  • Journey makes it to third place. Impeccable art direction and design make it a nearly faultless game with a compelling take on multiplayer communication.

  • Scandal be damned, nothing is going to stop Mass Effect 3 from making it to the Top Ten.

  • Borderlands 2 makes it to fifth place. It's damn fun and it's damn addicting. Maybe you aren't going to be crying over it, but you are going to be smiling. And more importantly, you're going to spend hours playing it and still see no end in sight.

  • Though a late arrival Far Cry 3 makes a strong impression. Complaints about the story's ending aside, few games deliver on the quantity and quality of experience as Far Cry 3 does.

  • There were few people who would have told you Sleeping Dogs was going to be anywhere near a Top Ten list before it came out, and yet here we are. Doing little revolutionary, Sleeping Dogs manages to take the features from games it borrows from and create an absolutely solid and engaging open world.

  • I think my favorite thing I've ever heard said about Hotline Miami was this: forget Mortal Kombat, forget Doom, if the media ever blamed Hotline Miami for violence... just throw your hands up and say "yeah, sorry, we f***** up." No other game this year is as psychotic, as hypnotizing and as violent as Hotline Miami. It has a way of getting somewhere deep inside you and sticking there like an itch.

  • Mark of the Ninja makes it to ninth by virtue of tight and engaging game design. You feel like you can pull of anything and you feel damn cool every time you do.

  • And another stealth game ends 2012's Top Ten list. Like Mark of the Ninja, Dishonored makes a compelling stealth game by providing player choice through gameplay that is exciting and fun. It will be interesting to see what the designers do with the sequel because a re-invention and revolution of the stealth game seems nigh if not already here.