Best Of Decades Collection

These are my favorite games in each decade.

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  • (Tens) Mario Odyssey is just exploration incarnate. I love how many ways you can approach each Kingdom. It makes speedrun routes fascinating, but it also makes it great to replay as you get to choose where you'll go each time. (Runner Up: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate)

  • (Aughts) I love the basic combat of the first two Paper Mario games. Its simplicity is perfect, and this game only improved it. Also you become a pro wrestler and solve murder mysteries on a train. It's very good. (Runner Up: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

  • (Nineties) DKC2 is just a perfect video game. Not only does it correct all of DKC1's problems, it goes beyond that introducing types of level that were never possible before in DKC or Mario World, such as levels built around Animal Buddies. It's as good as a game can be. (Runner Up: Chrono Trigger)