The Ancillaries 2016

A bunch of awards I'm giving out in a list form for no reason

List items

  • Most Significant Old Game (Runner Up: Super Mario Maker)

  • (Hero in Heroes) Best Single Addition to Game (Runner Up: Hearthstone's introduction of Standard and Wild formats to sideline old cards)

  • Best Hitman Level (Runner Up: Hokkaido)

  • Best Hitman Coach (Runner Up: Hitman Developers)

  • (Literary Pursuits 3-4 Bookchase) Best of My Mario Maker Levels Of The Year (Runner Up: Avalanche Lodge 1-1 Cabin Fervor)

  • Best Fan Art Scene (Runner Up: Pokémon Sun/Moon)

  • Best Pokemon on my Team (Runner Up: Mudsdale)

  • (Griffin McElroy's Ms Beakman) Best Pokemon Not On My Team (Runner Up: Popplio)

  • (Tee KO) The Tee Shirt Tie In Award For Best Or Dumbest Tee Shirts (Runner up: Undertale)

  • Biggest Personal Disappointment That No One Else Agrees With Apparently (Runner Up: Titanfall 2 Multiplayer)