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Clients :(

So I am a web designer and Developer and having a nightmare client at the moment as you do.
He is an ex developer (coldfusion) and he does not have his company any more. He does not really know anything of the web currently. He probably is still a good coder but is a real pain in the ass and not a nice guy. Always on the attacks and insults.
To cut a long story short we have given him full access  to files like templates etc which clients normally do not have.

He wants much more of his site and not the money to pay for it so we basically letting him do it himself (Or try).
- Recently I noted some issues with the header code, a content holder as it is with a tag calls up scripts so one change effects all templates. 
- As any developer I use software to code and FTP up. (Coda)
- The CMS we use a lot (and partner of) has a very good admin system and you can view and do basic edits to templates and other files through the admin. This is done through your standard WYSIWYG editor and has a html viw.
Thing is it is an editor and they are mainly there for the beginers and small changes. These things will try and look for errors in code etc and try to fix them. When used for content it helps (or tried) to get clients layouts correct to best.
In terms of developing - no.
- Despite having FTP access and ability to do it the right way this guy has been trying to code in the EDITOR! and of course with tags and things in templates it is not liking all that so much.
So he moaned about it today. When I pointed this out (In the client to company manner you have to be in) So was informative and polite, he just goes on the moan and complains etc, insultive too.
I really wish you could say "Tell any developer out there you trying to develop through an edito and see how big their laughs are"
Clients, really at the moment are the viend of any designer and developer at the moment.
Big hate by the way is "Can you make my logo bigger?"


Globe Trotter & Quests

I have been doing the quests the proper way but had to look up on the forums for two on this one. MAN some of these are way out there. I am amazed we have found what we have on here. 
I am all up for obvious ones not being in these quests but I also think they should be relevant, which I would say a lot of them are not.
One thing I would say to people - Wait till the bottom bar loads on pages, quite a few times now I have loaded up pages and shut them because they were not the right one when in fact they were exactly the right answer but the page had not finished loading.
With this the site has gone quite sluggish with us all doing these quests hey.


3 Hardrive Byte the dust

Hate powercuts, Despite being through a surge protector a hardrive in one caddy has got fried and two others in an old computer that was hooked up as well.
The important one has all family photo's on it.
Looks like is only the circuit board gone so hopefully this can be replaced by an expert.
My caddy got fried as well :(
Not a fun day.


The Re-install

Such a huge pain. I switched from the Windows 7 Demo and to the Home Premium.
Not here that if you have a friend in the UK you can get this cheaper from there and shipped over (Retail version ) then it is to buy it in New Zealand, even with the exchange rate in favour of the other way around.
Anyway, I had Modern Warefare 2 and backed up the steam folder. I installed steam and then added all the missing files and with a small update the games work!
Not tried single player to see if has my save games but I hope it does.
With that I think this is one of the great powers of steam. I did not have to re-install the games.


Life in new zealand

Been here since Xmas and the gaming scene is a bit different then in the UK and I think I will over time here put down what it is like.
Games seem a bit pricey for example, so are controllers.
Mainly testing out the waters in my first blog, Hi all.