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A Unique Little Indie Title With a Solid Base 0

2011 has seen a remarkable rise in the profile and quantity of PC indie downloadable games. Services like Steam are full to bursting with them now as small teams and young minds continue to create an alternative, a counter culture to the ever increasing trend of big budget blockbuster AAA titles. Many of these indie titles attempt to separate themselves from the perpetually growing pack by featuring a unique mechanic, something people haven't seen before - or at least not for a long time.The pok...

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The High Water Mark for Tower Defense 0

Defense Grid is extremely good value for money, providing hours of rich immersive tower defense gameplay for a budget price, making this an excellent initiation into the genre for newcomers and a must own game for strategy fans. In an era where the tower defense genre has become increasingly prevalent, both as simple online flash games and as actual disc and digital download products, it's becoming ever so slightly oversaturated, although not quite to the degree of third and first person shoot...

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Don't be fooled - this train based card game is a laught riot. 0

UNO was really the game that demonstrated the broad appeal and scope of Xbox Live Arcade. The game caught a definite fan base thanks to its slow pace, strong online and social aspect, as well as the fact that it was a faithful and colourful recreation of a beloved and simple card game. On paper, Ticket to Ride is a similar proposition. It's slow, turn based and a faithful recreation of a classic board game. However, this game never caught on in the same way UNO did. And I'm not sure why.  Ticke...

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A fascinating moral dilemma 0

We live in an age of uncertainty.  And so it has come to this. Namco's DLC for Tales of Vesperia, one of the best JRPG's in recent years, allows you to level your characters with no grinding or tedium, grant difficult to find items, and as much Gald as you can shake a stick at. If your wallet is deep enough, you'll be pretty much set to obliterable any challenge the game throws at you, thanks to this handy DLC.  Now, anyone who has seen the Soulcalibur IV DLC will know that Namco's track record ...

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A complete waste of money; a marginal time saver 0

Let's get one thing straight; Soulcalibur IV was the best fighting game of 2008, a true return to form for the series, and in my humble opinion, a modern fighting game classic. However, to describe Namco's idea of what should be premium DLC as laughable would be giving them too much credit.  All you need to know is this; what you are paying for in this pack is something that is already in the game. Once you defeat Story Mode with a character, you unlock their ultimate weapon that the character, ...

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A greatly enjoyable game that is probably best rented not bought 0

Another re-boot of the classic platforming Prince of Persia series, once again courtesy of Ubisoft, this iteration is in many ways similar to Ubisoft Montreal's 2007 release Assassin's Creed, and not just because it runs on effectively the same engine. Both games feature linear levels within sprawling open worlds, both are extremely well presented with jaw-dropping locations and beautiful scenery, and both suffer from flaws which prevent it from reaching it's full potential.The conversion from t...

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A brilliant shooter everyone should experience 0

Left 4 Dead, although not a pure Valve developed game, does exemplify Valve's brilliant track record of outstanding game design brilliantly. This co-op zombie shooter is so exceptionally designed that it should be held up as an example to all potential game developers as a master class in pacing, level and sound design, A.I., and game design in general, because in these categories, few games spring to mind that can top it.But away from the technical side, Left 4 Dead is an extremely fun game to ...

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