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Defining the competitive line 0

Oni: He is... EVIL!!!!Following the many playtests, leaks, and months of a handful of arcades housing the actual arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV, the latest (and possibly final) iteration of Street Fighter IV now arrives onto consoles. Unlike the transition from Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV with its major overhaul in interface and features in addition to expanding, Arcade Edition is more of like icing on top of Super with a focus on tuning. Players who can't get enough ...

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IT'S MAHVEL 3 BAYBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

It's been 11 years since the second “Marvel vs. Capcom” entry premiered in the arcades followed by the Sega Dreamcast release shortly after. Even when fighting games were less prominent (yet very loyal) in comparison to many other genres during the mark of the millennium through most of the decade and licensing issues with developer Capcom and Marvel Comics, “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” was able to stand for a long time. It's frantic nature and effective strategies constructed by many top players throu...

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Brave "New" World 0

           Gabriel Belmont demands revenge!      Most if not all Castlevania games utilizing a 3D gameplay field has been plagued of having negative reception and not being as well made as the side scrolling entries. When the game Lords of Shadow was confirmed to be part of the Castlevania lineage and to be developed by a Spanish team who’s previous games were considered lackluster, it seemed like a huge gamble for Konami at the time.With the help of Hideo Kojima and his team though, Mercury Ste...

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 CAPTAIN SMILEY AND STAR ESCAPING AN EXPLOSIVE PANEL!!!!!! Twisted Pixel has been doing very well with their first two original games, The Maw and ‘Splosion Man. But with their third outing based on the many eras of animation styles filled with constant humor and very challenging yet fun gameplay, they have made Comic Jumper the best in their collection so far. Following superhero Captain Smiley and his chest-embedded sidekick Star, their short lived action comic book series has been a...

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Urine in the water! 1

   Be prepared to not be scared. I had some interest in playing Dark Energy Digital’s debut Xbox Live Arcade game Hydrophobia thanks to the very interesting water effects that dominate the playing field and what can be done within this seemingly dynamic environment. After three years in development and the first episode now playable, the game’s attempt at making a third-person adventure game in a claustrophobic ship flooded by water is ultimately lackluster. Thanks to terrorists attack...

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48 Hrs. 1

 The damned duo reunite. Despite the criticism and controversy surrounding IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the Danish developer pulled out a pretty acceptable hit with the much improved sequel Dog Days. Following the events in Dead Men, Dog Days shows supporting character Lynch taking the role of main protagonist starting a new life with a girlfriend in the city of Shanghai, China. However Lynch gets involved in a crime organization led by a man named Glazer who informs L...

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When Worlds Collide 0

Released as part of Xbox Live Arcade's annual "Summer of Arcade" series; Kogi Igarashi and Konami returns to bring out a new excellent and unique 2D "Castlevania" game subtitled "Harmony of Despair."The game has well known protagonists from recent Castlevania games including "Aria/Dawn of Sorrow's" Soma Cruz, "Order of Ecclecia's" Shanoa, "Portrait of Ruin's" Johnathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, and "Symphony of the Night's" Alucard fight through six large stages in Dracula's castl...

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Tactical Destruction Part 2 0

Although with the recent midst of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 dominating the first person shooter market, Battlefield developers DICE was working on the sequel to their 2007 console breakout Battlefield: Bad Company. Containing memorable characters, a unique style while pertaining to the series ethic of large scale vehicular combat, and fun multiplayer, a sequel should be anticipated. Now released it's indeed a hell of a good time.  The gang's all here! Following a quick and surprising p...

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Fine and dandy ol' chap! 0

Similar to the Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade program where a block of high profile Xbox Live Arcade games are released next to each other, the Spring season of 2010 has the Block Party containing such pieces as Perfect Dark and the tower-defense style game Toy Soldiers. Despite not being a fan of that genre, I gave Toy Soldiers a chance and in return was a really fun hybrid game. Set in a World War I themed diorama containing toy soldiers and vehicles inside a bedroom, the single player campaign ...

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Yo Oscar Mike! 0

Two of the three words mentioned are one of the most said phrases in what is considered the most anticipated game of 2009 and probably in video gaming history so far; beating Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the forth child by veterans of the modern first person shooter genre known as Infinity Ward. Originally following in the footsteps of Medal of Honor and the intensity of World War II, the new world decades away from the great war is specialize...

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