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E3 2018 Hype List!

Simply put, these are the games that the industry has me looking forward after a week of pomp and pageantry, in rough order.

List items

  • Full disclosure, I didn't get into The Witcher III as much as I wanted to, but I can respect what CD Projekt Red was able to achieved. Imagining that sort of dense rpg world in an original setting that you don't see much of in modern AAA games is still pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to an immersive, first-person perspective experience in a gritty but also colorful environment that looks like a lot of fun to explore.

  • Don't have a lot of attachment to the original, though I'm fairly familiar with it just due to cultural osmosis. Capcom looks like they've hit it out of the park here though, modernizing how the game plays while retaining the old-school zombie horror and survival aspects in a way that feels downright fresh nowadays. The original REmake is one of the best remakes of all-time--and this looks like it might join that predecessor's ranks. Impressive.

  • Capcom had a great E3, and this might be my favorite trailer to debut this year. While it had been so heavily rumored for so long it didn't come as much of a surprise, I totally vibe with the tone it debuted with. Ironically it does seem to take some stylistic cues from the polarizing DMC reboot, except here it feels more natural not as try hard. Great to see a revered series return after a long hiatus in style.

  • Not going to lie, this probably warmed my heart more than anything else announced this year, despite the long road ahead before it will materialize as an actual game. Considering "where the hell is the sequel to Skyrim?" has already become something of a meme, it probably better for Bethesda to just come clean about their roadmap, even if they now go dark for the next five years. Skyrim is among the best video game experiences I've ever had, and I'll be there to dive in again day one, no matter how long the wait will be.

  • Yeah they're going to tire people having shown this so many times now without real saying what the hell is going on, but I'm coming back around to this, as it's starting to look like a tangible video game instead of just art house trailers.

  • Yes it's nothing but a logo and a few Star Trek-esque musical cues, but a new ip from Bethesda Game Studios is enough to grab my attention. I'll be waiting patiently.

  • More niche Japanese games that have already been announced are at a disadvantage in terms of generating heat at E3, but gosh this just looks like such a pleasant JRPG to curl up with later this year, especially after Ni No Kuni II didn't hit the similar mark. From the outside DQ might get flack for being a bit generic, but few series understands the appeal of classic turn-based rpgs like DQ does, consistently delivering enjoyable romps.

  • Simply put this game's graphics and presentation is off the charts gorgeous, and the premise of a grounded portrayal of feudal Japan (through Kurosawa-inspired cinematic flair) could be a dream come true. Lets just hope the combat feels good and it doesn't suffer too much from cookie-cutter, focus-tested to death, AAA prestige game-isms.

  • Never got into Fallout like I did the Elder Scrolls, and it's pretty easy to envision this being something of a mess, but I'm nonetheless intrigued by what they're going for. Something about seeing actual green vegetation and running into a bunch of West Virginian mythical creatures sounds neat.

  • Not high in terms of E3 hype, but still looking slick. Hopefully it doesn't get swamped in a crowded September/October window.

  • Love me some Souls, so obviously I'll follow wherever Miyazaki goes. While the new stuff here looks cool, there is still a lot of souls in the seems here and there, maybe a little more than I'd like. Still I have faith this will be at the very least another solid action game.

  • A great fighting game series that looks ready for a rebound.

  • It's a Fist of the North Star game from the team behind the Yakuza games. Expect to punch dudes until their heads explode and other nonsense.


  • I wasn't too hot on this at first due as it seemed to be borrowing too much from the Batman Arkham formula that I've gotten a little bored of, but the recent showing has made it feel more distinct to a degree I can see myself getting around to this.

  • Never got into Battlefield even though they always sound cool. Maybe I'll get around to this one.

  • Don't know much beyond the Platinum Games pedigree, but the teaser suggests a more lore and world building focus compared to usual Platinum fare. Perhaps working with on other rpg projects is rubbing off? Worth keeping an eye on.