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Best of 2010

Thule: Best of 2010

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  • ME2 is my GOTY 2010. From the moment I started it I noticed one thing: How much it reminded me of a movie. It helps that Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies and I'm a big fan of anything sci-fi. Sure, it might be 80's action movie(also my favorite) level of writing, but games have to start somewhere.

    ME2 is a polished, interesting and engrossing ride throughout. It's characters and story telling second only to Alpha Protocol's and it's amazing environments make this a real gem that'll influence games for years to come.

  • Even though some consider this game a dissapointment, I don't share that experience. This game almost took the number one spot from ME2, but ME2 won out by virtue of being a better, more solid experience throughout and my love for sci-fi. Alpha Protocol is not a bad game, assuming you accept it's flaws and consider it an RPG first and third person shooter/stealth game second. It's story is amazing and compelling, sometimes even more so than ME2. The characters are believable and interesting and it's conversation system is an actual improvement over ME2's.

  • I got relatively late onto the Darksiders train. I bought it during the Steam Holiday sale a week ago, but I've loved everything about this game since. All the Zelda influences make me feel nostalgic about the time when I was younger and me and my friends played Ocarina of Time for months. Darksiders is however is more then just a Zelda-clone, it's an enjoyable experience with easy to learn, but hard to master combat.

  • Even though Starcraft 2 is the game I've played the most during the year, I'm not giving it the number one spot simply by that virtue. It's another great, well-crafted Blizzard game. It's singleplayer campaign missions are all interesing to play, but it's story is marred by it's flat, stereotypical and uninteresting characters. The multiplayer is exceptionally solid and is amazingly balanced for such a young game. However, it's also tainted by the exclusion of certain features, which by all means should've shipped with the game. Overall a great game though, which I'll no doubt play alot for the next decade or so.

  • Also a late entry to my list. I didn't expect NFS's multiplayer to be so amazingly fun and compelling, but I keep coming back to it. The single player is fun and good polished criterion quality, but its the multiplayer where this game really shines.

  • I've played this game for hours and it's still as interesting as the first time I started it up. It reminds me of playing with LEGO's when I was younger and combines it with exploration.It's so simple, yet so brilliant.

  • I bought JC2 full price back in February(I think) and I never regretted my purchase. It's a solid action title in which you blow stuff up, what more could you ask for? I have to admit though that the existence of the BOLOpatch trainer helped immensely in my enjoyment of this game. I don't think I would've had as much fun without my infinite health, infinite ammo and crazy grappling rope shenanigans.

  • Finally an Western game with an interesing world and amazing Rockstar level of polish. I've enjoyed this game alot contrasted with GTA4 which I was actually dissapointed by.