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Best of 2010

TomWhitbrook: Best of 2010

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  • Incredible experience from start to finish. Mining excluded, I found it to be an improvement on the first game in every way, with a fantastic cast and an excellent story.

  • Fantastic. While occasionally a little buggy, and absent the ability to swim, the saga of John Marston is as gripping as any Western on the big screen, and I found it to be a far better game in every way than its predecessor GTA 4. Top notch.

  • Nothing if not a controversial title, Heavy Rain is one of the best story driven games on the market. I found it equally compelling during subsequent playthroughs, as the story revelations cast earlier events in the game in a new light. And forcing Ethan to sever his own finger using household objects is one of the most disturbing moments in a videogame to date.

  • Smart, funny, and the best example of episodic content done right. Mixed things up nicely in the gameplay department as well, with interesting puzzles and an excellently implemented hint mechanic.