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This everything?

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I loooooooooove that Pokemon red&blue New 3DS, the damn thing just feels so good. I already bought super Mario world, though I haven't had time to play it yet. I'm definitely going to get the games I already know I love like Zelda and donkey kong country. And as an embarrassing side note, I've never actually played Super Metroid or Earthbound so I might give those a shot

My only disappointment is that I know this won't go anywhere else from here, They'll never get around to really filling it the library and the prices are steeper that if hope, especially since they've got United accounts now.

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Oh shit, a demo for the new Fable? Wait... "Fable Legends is a free to play 4 versus 1 multiplayer game"

Thanks for the offer.

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Not so much, the HD treatment doesn't seem to make this game shine the way it did for Wind Waker.

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I'm terrified what this means for Jeff's workrate. Now with a wife, he'll be tied down from giving us the Points Report like he used to. We won't hardly hear from him as much. He already passes on the Bombcast and just does the One Minute wrap up for the CBS radio station.

How I wish he was still doing a weekly points report and I've just somehow missed it.

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When this came out, it was my first year in college. I got a 4-year degree in business management, and wanted to manage a bar or restaurant, and worked in a restaurant for a few years after graduating. I used to sit in the library at the community college and watch the endurance run between classes.

A few months ago I wanted to explore changing careers, so I re-enrolled in the same community college and started taking some entry-level classes in the medical field. Just for giggles, I started watching the Endurance Run again a few weeks ago, at the same spot in the library where I used to. Weird feeling, feels like nothing has changed since then...

There's no point to this story. Other than Persona 5 still isn't out!

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Ya know, I like it when games come over with all their original content... but it doesn't seem like anything of value was lost.

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Wow, I LOVED Dave Mirra Pro BMX 2. Played that tooooons when I was living abroad. I didn't know much about the man, but that doesn't matter, suicide is a tragedy in any case.

EDIT: Apparently I got Dave Mirra confused with Matt Hoffman. No matter though.

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This is weird, we've had like the opposite experience with this game. I've probably beaten Ocarina of Time a dozen time, at least, it's been one of my favorite games since... well, 1998. But I only just played Majora's Mask for the first time two years ago, 14 years after it's original release. I decided just to play it, and not rely on a guide. And I loved it. Loved almost everything about it. And the funny thing is, I have no memory of minigames. Maybe it's because I didn't give a shit about going out of my way for heart pieces- if you've played Zelda games before, you severely don't need them. There's not much challenge in that game that a fairy in a bottle can't fix. So either I just didn't stumble across these minigames, or they didn't give me much trouble. Either way, I think the Virtual Console was actually the right place to play it, especially if you're a fan of Ocarina. (I had my Wii hooked up to a CRT with component cables, it was perfect.) It was so cool to see a game built from the same pieces as Ocarina over 20 years later. It was like they tore my favorite game apart, and put the pieces back together in this different, bizarre, often creepy way. Until recently I've felt it was too soon to play again, but maybe I'll pick up that 3DS version shortly.

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I really just want someone to hack together a way for me to walk around vanilla & Burning Crusade era World of Warcraft. That stuff has such heavy nostalgia for me walking around the forest or westfall or duskwood would be really nice...