Video Game Book Club

Aight, gentlemen. Please take a peek at the below video games. Each game listed will include:

  • Estimated hour count to complete the game
  • Genre
  • Year released
  • Quick summary

Report back with your top 3 in the group chat.

List items

  • Hours: 5-6

    Genre: Action-Adventure/Pinball?

    Year released: 2019

    Quick summary: You're a robot in a far-flung fantasy dystopia that has to power on an underground city through the power of PINBALL. No seriously, most of the action is pinball-adjacent, with interesting twists on that style of play.

  • Hours: 2-3

    Genre: Top-Down Beat 'em Up

    Year released: 2019

    Quick summary: You play as an ape who's broken out of captivity (likely in some heavily-guarded lab) and crush the ever-living crap out of guards. It's all set to a procedurally-generated jazz soundtrack that reacts to your movements and attacks.

  • Hours: 4

    Genre: Side-scrolling Action

    Year released: 2019

    Quick summary: A hyper-violent "ballet" of shootin' and movin' like they do in the Matrix.

  • Hours: 14

    Genre: Action RPG

    Year released: 2018

    Quick summary: Shopkeeper by day, dungeon crawler by night. You take weapons that you find in the dungeon(s) to sell to other heroes during the day in your shop.

  • Hours: 2-3

    Genre: First-Person Shooter/Puzzler

    Year released: 2016

    Quick summary: FPS in which time moves only when you move. You have to figure out the best ways to complete each level, and it has a retro-future aesthetic and story. Also, major Matrix vibes.

  • Hours: 2

    Genre: Story-based, Music/Rhythm

    Year released: 2019

    Quick summary: I've heard it's a "playable pop album" which *really* appeals to me. The style of this game is unbelievable slick as well.

  • Hours: 3

    Genre: Puzzle/Exploration

    Year released: 2019

    Quick summary: ...a game about the terrors of Capitalism? (No, I'm serious)

  • Hours: 5

    Genre: Top-Down Action, Shooter

    Year released: 2012

    Quick summary: This game to me is a modern classic. If you can't tell by the logo, it's got major 80s action movie vibes, but set to hyper-violent action and sick EDM beats. I've completed this game, but would be willing to go back (I listen to just the music sometimes cause it's that good).

  • Hours: 14-15

    Genre: City Building/Strategy

    Year released: 2017

    Quick summary: Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent. This seems similar to classic strategy games like Civilization, Age of Empires, etc.