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Return of VGBC

There are many sequels that have been better than the original, but they are the chosen few. The Two Towers, Aliens, Terminator 2, Empire Strikes Back, Matrix: Reloaded (loljk). My hope is this fresh round of VGBC is truly a better sequel than before - that the games chosen this month and next feel fresh and fun as hell. None of these should be more than 10-15 hours.

So, without further ado, take a look at the games below:

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  • Release date: 2018

    This is definitely the most highly acclaimed game on the list. It comes from the mind and work of a single dude, Lucas Pope, who creates wildly surreal, unique games. This game is a murder mystery game, but about the murder of an entire crew on a ship in the 1800s. It's up to you to solve the mysteries surrounding each and every death, piecing together what went wrong on the ship that made its way to port, despite nary a living soul aboard.

    I've been meaning to get around to this game since its release in late 2018. I would love to play it alongside y'all.

  • Release date: 2020

    This is a single player, deck-building, roguelite, adventure game. That's a lot of stuff, but it genuinely looks interesting and I played a PC alpha build a couple years ago and enjoyed the feel of it. It's complete now and on Switch, and it feels like Mad Max: The Adventure Card Game! Satisfying card combos, permadeath on certain cards, and a hint of luck makes this game one that I think I'd really love.

    But I'm really not sure your guys' love for deck building games. I think they can be some of the most satisfying games to play, but will understand if you guys aren't in love with the genre.

  • Release date: 2020

    "Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying."

    "Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas." -also

    I think that sums it up pretty well, and it's on GamePass!

  • Release date: 2017

    Cyberpunk, grimdark... edgelordy? That's how I'd explain the look of this game initially, but also it seems like a genuinely fun twin-stick shoot-em-up, not unlike Tesla v Lovecraft. Combat seems fun, and hopefully the story is interesting, but I'd prepare for it to be pretty #dark.

  • Release date: 2016

    All I know is that this game *goes some places.* It'sa side-scrolling platformer of types, with a narrative. This one is like Unravel 2, but not quite as obtuse in its storytelling. It also won a bunch of awards when it came out. Prolly up there with Obra Dinn in terms of number of awards.