What it is like being a gamer in Iceland

I have been playing games ever since I could hold a controller or move a mouse and before I came to the internet I though the prices for Video games and accessories were normal. For awhile they could have been but now they make no seance.

The video game platforms 

Xbox 360 Elite=80.638 Kr ($629) This is after the Prize cut it died of the  RROD a few years ago. I had to create a UK live account to use the x box live market place.

PlayStation 3 (250GB) - Slim= 79.995 Kr ($623,99) Also after the Prize cut. This is my current platform Like with the Xbox I had to create a UK or US account to use the  PSN marketplace and Home.

  Nintendo Wii=49.900 Kr. ($389,24)  I don't own a W i i so I cant tell you anything about that. 
you can check out other video game platform prizes here 

The Video games

 As if the prizes on the platforms were not bad enough the game prizes just make no seance.
  The prizes are all over the place.
  Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2= 12.495 Kr ($97,46)
  Heavy Rain= 11.495 Kr ($89,66)
  Battlefield: Bad Company 2    =11.995 Kr ($93,56) 
Here are 3 popular game. As you can see the prizes on them are not same. 
Here is a little that is going to make you scratch your head.
  Final Fantasy XIII=( $77,96) 9.995 kr                                     
 I thought this could be a sign of things were changing and maybe it is but then I saw this 
  God of War 3 = 13.495 kr ($105,27)  What the hell is this ! This is going to be the normal price for GOW 3 when it comes out . This is the most expensive game I have ever seen and this is just the normal edition. It is almost at the same price as the Bioshock 2 special edition which is 14.995 kr or $116,97.
 There should be a law against this maybe there is(please tell me if there is)
Luckily I have steam to get PC games on a normal price.

I am on a student budget it is extremely hard and expensive to keep up with all theses new releases. I hope this get fixed soon, I am not ready give up gaming !

I am getting a dog

So I have decided that I am going to get a dog. A dog that had been with me since I was just a little kid passed away a few months ago , He was a black Labrador. I have been thinking a lot about what kind of dog I should get and I am leaning towards a Labrador or a Icelandic sheepdog but if any user want to recommend me another type which they have had a good experience with I am open to successions. I love dogs, been around them all my life and it extremely hard to see them go away but I enjoy the time I had with them and I think I can never truly be happy unless I have a dog around me.


Global Agenda: the Toxic experience

 I have seen a lot of people wondering about this game and I though I would like to share my experience with you guys to see if this is for you or not. I bought the game and got a guy up to level 15. And it is strange that the game grows on you and started getting addicting. I started out hating it and was bashing my self for have spent the money on this. but then I tried the PvP and it was really fun and what I use now to describe is it is TF2 in MMO from. They even got payload in there. They also have PVE. They send you and 3 other players out on a mission to storm a AI controlled enemy base fighting your way through some "mobs" and eventually get to the boss. The PVE started to get a little old if you play it for to long but then you can do what I did, Play pvp until until you want to play pve again :).  You got 4 classes : A tank, A rouge, A healer and a engineer. I started out with the engineer , probable the reason I hated it so much to begin with and it is not that the class bad it is because I don't like to build stuff, Did not like it in TF2 and don't like it here so I made another guy and this time I chose the Tank. I have had a way better time with him, Joined a agency(guild),got to level 15 and got some good armor.
So to those wondering if this game is worth it or not I say yeah or at least try it out. 
Update 15/1/2009
I joined another agency and that made the game a whole lot better. I was imminently pulled into AvA were agency's fight for a specific territory on the world map it gets pretty nuts. Like in most mmo's there is a guild that is bigger that the rest.  We wanted to make a alliance with them which is that we are 
basically a team , We watch their back and they watch ours. They asked us to prove our self with taken a few territories, but while we were attacking another territory the big guild attacked one of ours and took it, and then said they were testing us. just a few hours ago out guild leaders just said " Fuck it we will find another alliance" and now we are in the progress looking for one.  


And so my journey comes to an end.....(spoilery)

   And so my 50h journey through Dragon age:Origins comes to an end and what an amazing experience it has been. This game hit everything I love : Fantasy, epic immediate music, great story, and big breasted women. I have played this game so much that the character bubbles are stuck on my screen, They  should go away soon. The gameplay was perfect it was challenging but rewarding the character were great and  all these choices you could make on the way, I often found my self leaning back and thinking carefully what to say, because I am not that kind of person who re-loads if he did something wrong I just roll with it. I think I will replay this again but a little break can do you good. I made a city elf when I started and have never played any of the other origins stories so I am going to have to do that someday. 
I want to talk about the last 4 or so hours of the game go away if you have not completed the game yet .
I let Alister kill Loghain( hope I got the name right) because I did not like him that much and I did not want him In the wardens, and I supported Alister to become King.  At Redcliff I refused the offer  Morrigan proposed because I did not trust her and she went away, My main character and her were in a romantic relationship and she just goes away like that :,(. Then at the end I had the choice to kill the archdemon(easy battle on normal if I may add) my self or let the future king do it. And I did it myself. Alister went on to rule and I got a huge statue and a cool tomb.  Still Mortigan was seen with a child in the end text Was that only because I had sex with her or does that happen anyway ? 
This is one of the better games I have played in a while and I dearly hope that they will make another one.
Oh yeah If you want you can tell me about your journey I would like to know :).


With steam friends like these !

Last night my Irish clan friends asked me if I wanted to play a round in the L4D 2 demo. I was pretty bummed and told him I had not bought it because I was having money problems. He asked if he could chip in to help me buy it. But I said no and I could probable buy It next month or the next after that. He just said aww and the chat ended. So I wake up this morning and turn on my Pc and the first thing I see is " a gift from the Irish lads" and it was L4d 2. So I was pretty happy and shocked. I thanked my clan deeply and am now downloading the L4D 2 demo. 
:D I am so glad that I got steam friends like theses :D


Just got Uncharted 2 for 88 $

So I just bought U2 and cant wait to play it but wow it cost 10954 ISK that's 88 $. I hate the pricing here everything is just to expensive  . I hope this game is worth the 88 $  


I lost a family member

Today i lost a family member ... my grandma to be exact. she was very kind and close to my heart. I have grown up around her all my life ever since i was a little boy  and it is strange to get a phone call from your father saying that she had passed away... Sadly i was a crying mess in the middle of my dorm but my friends helped me and stood by me all the time. 
It is sad and i am actually pretty drunk ,now makes it easier. I really have no idea why i am sharing this with giant bomb but i just felt like i had to throw my thought out some were. I am still having a hard time believing this


league of legends and Heroes of Newerth

So I am currently in both LoL and Hon closed beta and I decided to write my thoughts on these similar games.
As most of you know They both borrow heavily from the Wc3 mod Dota , some say they are a straight up clone . 
I started by getting into Hon beta unfortunately... it is not a noob friendly game. I joined a newbie server and was "raped" by the players, In later matches i asked for help 
but the players either did not answer or said that i should F of and learn to play. Here is a quote from one of my matches " What the Hell are you doing Toxic..." 
" why did you pick theses items" " you cant play this hero you suck" " that's it give me control of your character"     so I left broken. it is not the best first impression
Don't get me wrong the game is great and looks fantastic but the community ruins it and i am not the only one this has happened to. But how was i to know what to do there war no in-game tutorial no way for me to know what each hero did before i entered the game and no way for me to know what items were best for my hero 
And worst of all the game keeps track of your Kills and deaths which every player on the server can look at. 
So i recommended Heroes of Newerth for skilled Dota players only.
I just resently got into league of legends and here is my impression 
Ever since my first game the comunity has been nice and helpfull and you can study all the heroes in the game lobby before you enter the game and when you are ingame the store recomends what you should buy for you hero. there is also a nice leveling system were you can insert mastery points in a talent tree 
Your kills and deaths are not tracked and there is a nice rune system to make you hero even more powerfull. It has a more cartoony look than Hon but that doesent rly matter. It is going to be free but you can pay for a digital copy to unlock some stuff.
This is a noob frendly game and i highly recomend it for anyone intrested in Dota  
remember this is all coming from a guy who had never played Dota before


Monster hunter scares me

 Okey so i bought monster hunter FU for psp and finished like 3 quest and ...
I still don't know what I am doing. 
I had a hard time finishing the first quest and there is just so much to learn about all the difference weapon types and armor combination. The controls are hard to master or just the game it self is hard to master 
I have also heard that this game is insanely long and i will probable be playing this for the rest of the year  

anyway I cant wait to get deeper into this game but can you give me tips and your experience with the monster hunter franchise. 


It is my Birthday today

So it is my birthday today , I am 17 now. It was a great day and  last night i held this epic party. the cops came and it was just crazy. the good thing was that 5 of my close friends stayed and helped me clean up the pile of crap. Anyway it is great to be 17 :P   

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