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games I'm looking forward to - an endless work in progress

I'm gonna try and keep this in chronological order. I will fail.

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  • release date: october 2010. the reviews haven't been so great but I love me some simplistic, classic RPGs with job systems.

  • release date: late 2010. Contra being made by the Blazblue guys. it's adding air dashes and double jumps and life bars. it could be too dramatic a change to a series that lives and dies on its nostalgia and formula, but I'm really enjoying the change of pace. hopefully it's good, and there's really no reason for it to be bad. online co-op should help.

  • release date: january 2011. it's made by the Ace Attorney guy, but looks quite a bit different from the Phoenix Wright we're used to. Ace Attorney guy gives it some credibility so we'll see how this weird murder mystery turns out.

  • release date: November 2010 for Japan, unannounced for NA. the original is awesome. the sequel? it's going to be nothing but the RPG, which is a good thing. it's going to be bigger and better. it should be great. the only concern here is that it might get stale.

  • release date: spring 2011. this feels a little uninspired, but more BCR is a good thing. the jump button will be interesting. if they add online co-op, I'm sold.

  • release date: winter 2010, supposedly. Strider 3? sure looks like it. either way, it's a four player co-op beat em up kind of game. won't be as good as Castle Crashers but it doesn't need to be either.

  • release date: 2010. Castle Crashers is fun. this looks like more of the same but with more of a focus on co-op/competitive multiplayer instead of just being a single-player game that you can play effectively with four people. it doesn't look as intrinsically fun as Castle Crashers, but we'll see.

  • release date: probably early 2011 in NA. I'm not a huge fan of what they've shown lately on 3rd birthday; a lot of boring shooting without much of the atmosphere that made Parasite Eve good. I have faith though - I love high-end PSP RPGs and hopefully this has enough RPG left in it to make it good. it looks like Crisis Core to me and that's kind of a good thing.

  • release date: probably q1 2011 in America. I love the hell out of the original game, but its interface and dated mechanics make it tough to recommend to other people. modernizing it could be huge.

  • release date: probably spring 2011. I actually don't think I'll like this too much - it looks like a touch screen shooter with some 3d zelda stuff thrown in and I'm not too crazy about either. but it's Kid Icarus and I love that game to death.

  • release date: March 2011. damn, this looks good. a clear attempt at a sf4-like resurrection, 2d mortal kombat is something I grew up on. if they can nail the basic gameplay and I can find a couple people to play this with, I could have some serious fun.

  • release date: spring 2011. what *is* this game seriously why is there a super androgynous biblical dude beating the shit out of people to stop god from destroying the earth damn you japan. crazy art style is basically the only reason to get this, but that's one hell of an art style.

  • release date: 2011? it's out april in japan. I love me some DQM and want more of it. this game is promising to have wi-fi battling which could make it the addicting crack that Pokemon is for all the other 14 year olds out there.

  • release date: TBA. mmmm, beautiful 2d sprite-based XBLA games. I hope this is as fun to play as it is beautiful.

  • release date: TBA. this XBLA game probably won't live up to how awesome the trailer is, but a frantic, exploration-based dual stick shooter with awesome art is certainly on my radar.

  • release date: TBA. I played ten minutes of the Japanese version and stopped; this game is just gorgeous and needs to come out in America. I really wish it would get announced because it being a no-show at e3 really worries me.

  • release date: ???

    this game is so touching. I just want to hug it.