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Games I hate for one reason or another

Some of these games are hated for what they are - others for cicumstances surronding them

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  • This game was the only game I got get at Toys R Us for $39.99 in 1990 or so. I hated have only Altered Beast and this lame game. C'mon Boy!

  • It wasn't so much a bad game. It's just that it was short and easy to beat. Not cool when it's your only game. Too bad the Genesis didn't come with Sonic from the get go.

  • This POS looked like a decent game for $15 back in the mid ninties. Problem is, when you finally get your business working well and are starting to dominate it simply crashes. I hate this game not so much for wasting my money but my time. FU Free Enterprise!!!

  • I bought this game around July 4 2003. It was a pretty cool game and I had plenty of fun with it. But they had to change it to make it less fun. Then they kept changing it until it was really nothing like the original concept. FU Sony!!!

  • It seemed eevryone had this game but no one really knew what the object was. This was the first of many, many games based off movies that suck.

  • My 3 year old daughter talked me into buying this game on the Wii for her. It sucked so bad she cried.

  • it not that it's a bad game in and of itself but it's ruinned countless lives and relationships - there are actually fatherless children thanks to this game