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Rockband network is not going to make you rich

  • you have to pay $100 a year to be in the network
  • you can sell from 50 cents to $3 but face it no ones is going to pay more than 50 cents for community music 
  • you get 30% of that 50 cents which is 15 cents in your pocket
  • you'd have to sell one song 667 times to make back your $100 investment, or sell 667 different songs once
  • the only way  you would actual make money on it is if you own the copyright to a hell of a lot of songs


I am a true warrior of the three kingdoms

well I've been obsessed with dynasty warriors 6 empires since it came out a few weeks ago.
I love all dynasty warriors games and anyone that does not is an asshole, but enough insulting 90% of the world's population.
As of an hour ago dynasty warriors 6 empires has become my third platinum trophy next to my other too favorite games fallout 3 and the godfather 2.


I got GH:metallica today for cheap and

dude that game is badass it's 1000 times better than world tour.
also I may be enjoying it more because I haven't played a GH or RB game in a few months.
just like ryan said you may think your done with music games, but once you pick up that guitar your like damn this is still shitloads of fun.


I saw a guitar hero arcade machine today

I was at my local walmart buying food, when I saw in the game room across from my check-out a guitar hero arcade machine
so I went and watched a guy play it for a few minutes and its just guitar hero 3 that you have to play a $1 per 2 songs to play
so that's really stupid.


my obligatory infamous is great blog

I've been playing for two days now and its great.
I fucking love this game. One thing that has made me very very happy is that there are tons and tons more karma moments then I thought there would.
looking at the trophy list there are only like 4 karma moment trophies so I was disappoint. Because I thought there was only 4 karma moments in the whole game,
But I've played played like 30 moments so far. shooting is great, platforming is great, its all great.

The only I don't like is sometimes your just walking along and you get a press triangle for a point of interest. then you push it and it zooms in over cole's shoulder to him look across the street, and half the time I'm like "what am I looking at?"


3 things that would make monster hunter greatest game ever

1,an actual leveling system where your guy actually gets stronger and tougher.
 I like monster hunter alot, but its broken if you want to actually do any damage to the big monsters you need to be a great or long sword. Which sucks because I love the bow and arrow, but in the demo in the whole hour of the first quest they let you do I must of shot over 500 full strength arrows at the monster and he didn't even flinch.
so if they put in a leveling system you can use whatever you want even the sword and shield and take down even the biggest monster in ther game if you were high enough level and would make playing it by yourself amazingly better

2, life-bars on the monsters
like I said I hit the guy with 500 arrows I'd like to know if I even doing any damage at all.

3 actual on-line co-op
if you need a hunting party to go take down most of the bigger monsters than why the fucking hell would not put in on-line co-op?


I hate summer so much

its 90 degrees and boiling in my house air conditioner barely cools anything
and I can't play any games because if I did anything I would play it on would overheat an break in no time


I'd love a quicklook the disaster report 3 demo

In the japan PSN you can get the demo for disaster report 3 for the psp.
I've played the demo like 10 times and its fucking awesome I pray to god that comes out in the states.
Also I'm a huge fan of the other 2 disaster report games so to me this is bigger than having a early copy of gta 5 or any other big stupid game.
But to get to my point I'd love to see a quicklook on just to see what ryan and jeff would say.


PSN needs a 1 vs 100 type of thing

after watch the 1 vs 100 quick look and seeing that you can get Microsoft points by playing it and it actually looks pretty fun.
I think PS home needs to get with BUZZ or something so people that play and win get home clothes or furniture or fancy themes for the ps3, or even games like noby noby boy or flower. I think it would be badass.

they are totally fucking doing it  I called it 3 weeks before it happened


A great year for NIS and Atlus

this year
devil summer 2,
disagea 2 for the psp with tons of new stuff,
a remake of persona one for the psp,
mana khemia 2: fall of alchemy
phamtom brave for the wii

and probably more to be announced
I'm buying all of them