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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is GOTY no contest.

I've play 7 hours of the multiplayer and 2 hours of the story. AC brotherhood is 100% the most fun I've had playing a game this year.
The multiplayer is like Team Fortress 2 but everyone is the Spy, and it's amazing. I can't tell you the immense sense of satisfaction you get from fooling a real person. You just walk over to your unsuspecting human player target and stab him, it's orgasmic. Dieing is the same way. You don't get mad when someone kills you, I was like "dude that was awesome, how he got me."  There is no game that came out this year that is as good as this one. And Trust me I've played every game this year.
 Here is a list of all the games I bought in the last two month alone.
  Nier,  Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , Dead Rising 2  
  Enslaved: Odyssey to the West,   Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ,  Vanquish  
  NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2,   EA SPORTS MMA , Fallout New Vegas  
  WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011,   Rock Band 3,   Star Wars The Force Unleashed II  
  Fist of the North Star,  Assassins Creed: Brotherhood    
Also a bunch of non-noteworthy WII games
 I said those were the games I bought in the last two months. There are shit loads more I bought like Darksiders and what not.
Red Dead came out in the summer I also got lost planet 2 and Alpha Protocol the same month.
I beat Red Dead remember enjoying it, I have almost all the trophies in it. But can't tell you a damn thing about it tho. I found it pretty forgettable apparently.