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One of my favorite moments in 7ish years of Wow, above. Server instability leading to the server flags for server firsts getting wiped, at some point during 3.1 and the Argent Tournament construction, Saturday, noonish. Never saw exactly this before or since, but playing as much and as frequently as I did meant that I saw shit along these lines. The meaningful bit wrt this screenshot in particular is that they eventually got around to resetting (presumably by rolling back) these, except for Northern Vanguard. As to why: Northern Vanguard popped a week or two after launch iirc; the others hit in the first few days. I'm left assuming that the process to roll it back didn't account for that. It would make more sense if the issue was more deep seated than just flags on the race/class/profession/kills getting reset. Oh right, kills. For a long time after I wished that it wasn't noonish on a Saturday and that people I could wrangle were on to kill Malygos. Even now I'd trade Salty for the Magic Seeker.

All that adds up to a single achievement entry that I find super interesting and v. poetic. Now that this site no longer tells it like that, I feel like telling it like this.

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