Loving the Luchazine...the worst way imaginable.

There's something about media that annoys me when I can only access it via the internet. I need CD's, books, DVD's and Blu-Rays. I need a hard copy of just about everything, not in case I lose a file or because it's more easily accesible but because...I like stuff. I like having stuff. 
I don't know whether you noticed this or not but I happen to be involved in GoranP's famed Luchazine project and if you haven't checked it out yet, you should. I'm not just saying that because I'm involved, it's fair to say that my stuff is amongst the weaker articles in the mag. There is some gold in there and I'm enjoying being a part of issue 2 and hopefully future issues. But something's been bugging me: It's a magazine, yet I'm trying to read it in PDF form. For my 'stuff'-oriented mind, this will not do. 
Thus began an epic 4 hour (FOUR FUCKING HOURS) printing session this morning. I burned through almost £30 ($44US) worth of ink. I think that makes Issue One of The Luchazine the single most expensive paper product I've ever bought. That costs more than a years subscription to one of the magazines I frequent, and this is one freakin' issue. I'm going to end up doing this every single month, I can see it now. 
Goran, I hope you're happy. You're making me a poor man.