MMO's Played Over The Years

This list is a comprehensive list of all of the MMORPG games that I have played in my time on this planet as a gamer. As you'll see, I've played quite a few with most not being around anymore. As of writing this list (March 1st, 2011), I am currently subscribed to three, World of Warcraft, Rift, and DC Universe Online. I'm sure that will change as new games come out in the future.

List items

  • I'm pretty sure every MMO gamer has played this at least once in their life. Love it or hate it, it's a mainstay of the MMO community. While I've never been an end game player, I have always been a leveling fiend. I really like the WoW lore and I think that is one of the main reasons I have stuck around for so long, even after a hacked account. I even got my wife into the game, who usually steals the PC from me to play her characters.

  • Really great game that did get a little stale at the end, but still a great game to revisit from time to time.

  • The first MMO I ever played religiously. I loved my Fixer and I played this game nonstop back when it actually had a subscription charge. This was the game that really got me into the MMO world, although it wasn't my first MMO.

  • This was the first MMO I played, but I never really got into it. I caught the tail end of it's popularity since before then I had been an avid console gamer as a teen. It definitely makes the list of MMO's I've played though.

  • I really thought this game would have lasted a lot longer than it did, but unfortunately it didn't. The combat was novel at first but it got very tiresome after a couple days of playing. Poor Richard Gariott, at least he got into space though.

  • To this day, this is one of my favorite MMO's I have ever played. I know it was utterly broken at release and the memory leak caused a flock of people to run from it, but I stuck around, waited it out, and loved it! I was a paid subscriber, even when the free offer was around because I really wanted it to succeed. When I heard it was being released by some fans in another country I was happy to see it coming back to life, but never acted on trying to find out more info. RIP Hellgate are missed dearly.

  • Another game that I signed up for late. While Everquest was really big, I was busy playing Anarchy Online, but I did subscribe for a couple months, just never really got fully invested.

  • I actually started playing Everquest II before WoW came out (about a week or two) and then gave it up to come over to WoW indefinitely. I did come back to EverQuest II once when I needed a break from WoW, but I eventually went back to WoW in the end. It's a good game, but just wasn't for me.

  • Another MMO I thought would go a lot further than it did. The open world encounters were a lot of fun and the classes were varied enough to keep me interested. Wish more would have been done to keep the player base interested but I guess it just released with too many issues at a time when WoW was king of the MMO domain.

  • Rift only officially launched today but I'm finding it to be a great alternative to WoW. It's similar, but then again a lot of MMOs are similar in one way or another. The jury is still out on whether the game will have the staying power to content with the greats but so far, it's launch has been great.

  • I played LoTRO religiously for a good month or two around Christmas one year. I was never a huge Tolkien fan but I loved the gameplay and the way you experienced the books in your own manner through playing. I haven't checked out the free to play experience yet but I've heard good things about it.

  • I got the game against my better judgement and had to play it on the lowest settings at the time (this was pre alienware pc days.) The opening levels were really fun, story was engaging, but then it all kind of went away. I didn't stay past my first month and never looked back.

  • Another game I didn't spend more than one month in. I don't know why either, the game seemed like it was pretty decent but I just didn't get invested in the story or the gameplay.

  • Guild Wars was a refreshing take on the MMO. Being able to play for free definitely kept me interested since I didn't have to worry about paying while I didn't play. I came back to it often over the years but never really experienced the end game content. I am looking for part 2 though.

  • I thought this game was going to be the most amazing thing since sliced bread, but I soon realized I didn't really enjoy ship combat games. You did get to walk around a space station but it wasn't enough to keep me playing.

  • Got it on a whim in the early days but couldn't get into it. I didn't play past the first month and shortly after, it tanked. I did like the fact that the creators of the movie wanted to have interactions in game though.

  • A refreshing take on superhero MMO's. I got the game for the PS3 since it was basically created for it and maxed out my character in a matter of days. Since then, I have been waining a little in the gameplay department but I'm not giving up just yet. Just like with Rift, the jury is still out on this games long term playability.

  • I played the hell out of this game when it first released. I never imagined an MMO would ever let you be a superhero and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, it kind of got stale after doing the same thing over and over with little variance in the end game content. I like when you can get armor and items and in CoH, that really wasn't available.

  • An oldie that I tried to get into late in the game but never did. There was just so many people already invested in the game and so many other games out at the time that my patience for learning the intricacies of it never really allowed me to stay.

  • Created a character, walked around for a bit, got mad, and uninstalled. At least I got the game cheap.

  • Lineage had a lot of promise but I didn't really like the whole PvP aspect of it. As a result, I only played it for a month or two and never went much further.

  • I played the game for the entirety of it's beta and I really enjoyed it, but when it came time to buy it, I felt like I had experienced enough to want to skip it. It was fun for the duration of beta though, if a little broken.

  • It was a random game that I found on a store shelf one day and decided to try it out. It was fun, but very confusing and I don't think I went past the initial month. I believe it's pretty popular (or at least was) in another country.

  • While it's not a typical MMORPG, it still involved a mass multiplayer online experience. The art of owning a business, keeping it open, getting roomates, and chatting into the wee hours of the morning made this game crazy enjoyable. My brother literally lived in this game for a good year or two.

  • A really neat idea that just didn't take off in the end.