Metal Gear Solid: Rising...a better Jedi game?

After seeing the very well produced trailer of The Force Unleashed 2, I was left with one very strong impression: "Nice...too bad the gameplay will likely be nothing like that and will just be clubbing storm troopers futilely with your light saber." 
My first impression after seeing the first half of the Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer was: "Incredible...psh, too bad it'll probably turn out like Force Unleashed and be about as effective at cutting as a baseball bat-OH HOLY SHIT! He just cut that guy into THIRDS!" How has Kojima Productions made a more effective Jedi game than Lucasarts ever did?? Why do movies get to dismember but videogames don't? Will there be a way to EAT the delicious water melon you've just cut in half? I need ANSWERS, people!