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New Mystery Science Theater 3000 is faaaaaaaaaaaaaanTASTIC.

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The Simple Joy of a Game Made Well 0

Ys is one of those franchises I've heard about a lot, from roommates in college playing them to the 8-4 Play podcast's running joke of referring to them as "Yssssssss!" in the voice of Terry Bogart confronting "Geese" Howard but I never actually knew that, unlike Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, or any number of incredibly long-running JRPGs: Ys appears to be a largely contiguous story of the lighthearted adventures of two heroes traveling the world and getting constantly shipwrecked on new lands ...

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A Clunky, Repetitive Game With Bog-Standard Writing That I Cannot. Stop. Playing. 0

Whenever the topic of idle games comes up, it's often asked whether they are the lowest or the highest expression of a videogame. Often they are just about watching small numbers turn to big numbers and big numbers turn to bigger numbers, and sometimes that's enough. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the return to the co-op brawler after a decade, scratches the same itch with just enough gameplay and charm to make the price of entry worth it, so long as you bring a lot of fandom to the table.Cards on ...

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The Game Remedy's Been Trying to Make for a Decade 0

In the wildly popular, beloved internet hackfraud comedy show "Best of the Worst," schlock auteur filmmaker Don Dohler is described as "trying to get his vision just right" as his output consists almost entirely of bizarrely identical movies (an alien of extremely limited means crash lands in a rural American forest, and a nearby town's inhabitants wind up terrorized by it as they terrorize each other) of varying levels of quality. With none rising much higher than 'watchably bad.' I mention th...

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Kill and Kill Again. Die and Die Again. 0

Dead By Daylight was free for PS+, so I decided what-the-hell, and picked it up. I've never been one for asymmetrical multiplayer games as I don't have a friend group I can get online with consistently, and hate the idea of rolling the dice to be the 1 in 1v4. Dead by Daylight, on the other hand, has me hooked like a survivor being sacrificed to an unseen, eldritch god. Unfortunately, it's not all funny games when it comes down to this nightmare.Four of the players take on the roles of various s...

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Another Star If You Tell Me What To DO! 0

Plague Road is a game written and voice acted by two of my FAVORITE online personalities: Conrad Zimmerman and Jim Sterling respectively, and they're the only reasons the game is on my radar. That being said: it has one of the most amazing, strangely gorgeous art styles for its characters and monsters I've seen since first installing Darkest Dungeon, a beautifully and hauntingly immersive soundtrack and a tactical, turn-based gameplay that keeps me coming back for more, even when I'm not sure I...

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Zombies Are Terrifying Again 0

The Walking Dead just redefined zombie videogames for me. For pretty much as long as I've been playing games (all the way back to the SNES) zombies have been a nuisance, a menace and even a worthy foe, but they've rarely, if ever, been terrifying. In this game: they are terrifying. Every time you face one it is a life-and-death struggle, and don't even BOTHER with more than one. You are not some badass choosing between a shotgun or an assault rifle, you're choosing between a hammer and a OH GOD ...

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Middling Lead-Up To a Great Ending 2

Morrigan was, for me, the most interesting part of Dragon Age: Origins. She was a character who got more and more fascinating the more you learned about her, and ultimately became one of the most interesting romantic interests. So after she departed at the end of the first game, saying "Never follow me..." my first reaction was to follow her, of course. I finally got my chance with this piece of DLC. Sadly, the chase is less fun than the catch, but it ends on a very interesting, and seemingly va...

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As Good as DLC Gets 4

Lair of the Shadow Broker is the most recent DLC from Bioware focusing on the continuing adventures of Commander Shepard in his fight against The Collectors. It's also the first time a DLC has content that takes place after you've beaten the main game. Ultimately for the price point ($10, or 800 Microsoft/Bioware Points), this DLC delivers everything it should within the timeframe it should be aiming for. The DLC has, as usual, Cerberus send a message to your terminal about a break in the case t...

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Mistakes Lack of Direction for Freedom 0

Infinite Space begins with a great enough concept: it's an RPG with star ships. This alone is enough to make it intriguing, seeing as how most RPGs place you squarely in the fantasy genre, but Infinite Space makes a series of tragic mis-steps on the road to greatness that ultimately derail it. The spaceship combat is easily the most compelling part and is also the best part of the game. You are given three different commands: Dodge, Normal and Barrage. Dodge will completely evade a Barrage attac...

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A Love Letter To Action Game Fans 0

Action videogames seemed like they were somewhat on the wane. There were still a great many of them coming out (and there are many still to come) but the thrills they offered were becoming derivative and, worst yet, repetitive. When Bayonetta was first announced, skepticism abounded. It seemed destined for the obscurity that came with being a Devil May Cry clone these days (the fact that the creator of that series was attached gave little solace). Then the demo came out. And opinion began to shi...

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Takes a Minute To Get There, But Worth the Trip 0

Batman: Arkham Asylum is based on the DC Comics (recently DC Entertainment) character who has become a cultural touchstone since the brilliant one-two punch of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" and this game, while taking a little while to rev up, fairly accurately simulates what it must be like to be The Batman.You take control of the titular character as he's bringing his archnemesis the Joker to the sinister Arkham Asylum. Naturally something goes wrong within the first ten minutes of Jok...

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A Few Minor Flaws Keep It From Perfection 0

There's an epidemic going around. It's symptoms are readily recognizable: clothing made of iron, weapons made of steel and wood, haughty elves, drunken dwarves, prophencies being fulfilled and, of course, severe dragons. I'm talking about the epidemic that seems to be sweeping the game industry that forces all RPGs, be they MMO or single-player, to take place in a post-Tolkien (sometimes even within Tolkien) fantasy setting. For those who prefer lasers over crossbows, plasteel over regular ol' s...

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DLC Done Better 0

The Pitt follows Operation: Anchorage in extending the lifespan of Fallout 3 and it hits the mark a lot more clearly than its predecessor, though it's still a little short for a wholehearted reccomendation. Once again a mysterious radio transmission guides you to someone in need of help. I'll avoid spoilers, but this person's cause seems much more critical than the Brotherhood Outcasts and one way or another, you find yourself in the ruined, blighted city of Pittsburgh.I've never visited this lo...

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Fun If Your Character Knows Which End of a Gun Goes Boom 0

Do you like fighting? Do you like fighting with guns? Does your Fallout 3 character like fighting with guns? Then this, my friend, may be the downloadable content for you. Operation Anchorage does something interesting, it actually fleshes out the Fallout universe, something that is normally relegated to the pieces of information and data that are scattered through the various wastelands. This is the first time you've been able to play in the universe before the bombs fell and while it's linear ...

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A Bit Clunky, But Still a Classic 0

Downloading this piece of my childhood from Steam was a bit of mixed bag, I'm a little sorry to admit. I went in with rose-tinted lenses remembering exciting fistfights and amazing voice-overs sandwiching some light puzzle solving. What I wound up with was a pretty equal helping of all three.The game is most definately an Indiana Jones game, opening with Indie trying to find a statue amidst a cluttered schoolhouse and moving on to, of course, have you take on the Nazis in their attempt at world ...

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Bought This AFTER Buying Persona 3 0

Persona 3 was THE best RPG I'd played in a VERY long time, and as an old-school fan of RPGs, it was nearly the perfect game. Occasionally atrocious ally AI and clunky inventory management are the only things that prevent it from achieving true perfection and adding on a 30+ hour campaign, new personae, new quests and new character interactions to what was already an INCREDIBLY robust game, then putting it at a budget price translates into no excuse for Japanese RPG fans not to play this game.You...

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Tried to Not Let Past Games Influence Me 0

But I couldn't help it. The Phoenix Wright games were and are my favorite DS games. They had great writing, amazing characters and incredibly impressive twists along with incredible dynamics between the characters.For neophyte lawyers, the game has two modes: investigation and courtroom. In investigation you gather evidence, as the police department seems to be working for ONLY the prosecution, making you lawyer and detective rolled into one, by interviewing witnesses and suspects as well as doi...

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