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Demon's Souls - Day 6

  Took an unintentional break from this game because Blizzard recently released a game which was actually pretty good, believe it or not. Well I'm back now. Last time I fell in a pit in the Tower of Latria, let's go again!

I got a phonecall, and this game can not be paused, so I hoped I was in a quiet corner and answered the phone. I got attacked by a FEOM (Face-eating-octopus-man) while on the phone and fought it off with my free hand, because that's just how hard these enemies are.

Since I opened a shortcut door before I died, it wasn't that hard to make my way back to where I failed. A commentator earlier said "Wait till you get to the arrow wall"

Well, I did find a wall that shot arrows at me. As advertised. Nothing special about it though, it was just blocking your path. You had to make your way around it so you could shut it off.

Some hallways, some rooms, the same 2 types of enemies I've seen the entire level.

Then I found a dude sitting on a bench, who asked who I was and assured me he means no harm and I shoudl just leave him be. Around him were messages left by other players such as "Attack!", "Liar" and "Liar lies in wait ahead"

Yeah right, just like the numerous messages I've seen telling me to attack the shopkeepers and attack the lady who increases my stats?

Just like the numerous messages telling me to walk off a cliff because there's treasure there, although there's nothing besides infinite empty nothingness?

Screw this guy, I'm moving on.

To a huge foggy door and to a boss fight.

All this thing did was shooting at me, which was easily avoided by not being where the shot is going. After 4-5 hits it teleported away.

And then there were 2 of them.

As I then learned, only one of them is real, and hitting the wrong one won't damage the boss at all .

I hit one of them, it turned out to be the fake one, and it disappeared. I hit the real one some more and it teleported away.

And then there were 3 of them.


And then there were 4 of them.

The trouble with there being a bunch of them is that dodging away from shots is exponentially harder. Especially considering how one of their attacks is a stun attack that prevents me from moving and makes me an easy target. It only takes 2 of their stronger shots to finish me off, so this is not fun at all. Especially because the stun attack was completely impossible to avoid, it just seemed to hit, completely randomly.

Thank god I had about 83 infinitys of healing items with me, so whenever I randomly got hit, I simply walked behind a pillar and healed up.

Eventually, the thing went down. I didn't get a "The demon was destroyed" message though, which had followed every other boss fight so far. Is there another boss to fight then?

Then a loud voice told me how I'm an idiot and stupid, and a message on the ground told me how the voice is reviving the idol.


There was nowhere else to go, so eventually I walked up to the dude who told me that he was harmless.

He's right there next to the boss fight area and the messages are telling me to attack him, so I did.

Like, nothing happened. I walked around for a bit and then back to the boss fight room. Hey look, a boss fight! Against the same thing! Because I didn't kill the dude before so he revived it.

Oh, Demon's Souls, how I hate you now. The difficulty is still the least of my worries, this is just completely annoying.

A few minutes later (Because I simply ran at the boss and hit it, and ran to the nearest one when it multiplied) it went down again, and I got a "The Demon was destroyed" message. Then some helpful FLYING HARPIE DEMONS appeared and moved me to a new location, where I got the chance to teleport back to the hub and restock.


Now the flying harpie demons decided to attack. They are huge and they are creepy.

They are also very slow and very weak.

Right then.

Then a cage-elevator took me about a billion feet down, where I saw leechy-centipede-like creatures with a face uglier than the ugliest person in Uglyville.

Also very slow and very weak.

I made my way through these ugly, slow and weak enemies, freed a knight from a cage who promised to remember me, and fell down a pit.