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The unepic epic 0

Sometimes there are great games which I wish I loved. I feel like positivity is underappreciated in video games. Because of that, I usually try to hold a fairly positive viewpoint of "it's not for me" when I dislike a well put-together game.God of War III is not one of those games.I should start by saying that I had little to no interest in the series, and God of War III was the first time I tried one of them. I went into it with an open mind, and with some knowledge of its tone and genre: a vio...

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Yoshi's Pretty Slog 0

Yoshi's Island was a great game that never received a good follow-up. Every sequel was either too different or way too similar. Only with the release of Woolly World we finally got a great Yoshi game after all these years.Crafted World takes the overall formula of Yoshi series - an exploratory platformer - and somewhat expands it. The levels have depth, and you can freely aim your eggs anywhere, including background and foreground. The levels feel different and unique, and playing through them i...

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Baba Is Best 0

I'm under the opinion that puzzle games can be as close to perfect, as video games can be. They are often simplistic enough to revolve around few central mechanics and ideas, which are way easier to polish than many of the genre-bending games we often see today.Baba Is You might look deceptively simple. After games like Portal or Talos Principle, it's easy to dismiss Baba as some sort of short game ported from a mobile device. I've almost made that mistake myself, and only after hearing some gl...

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