wackojackman: Top Games for 2009

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  • Thank god they pulled this off! All though it seemed like it was going to end the streak of terrible comic book adaptation games, I was still worried it would flop. So much heart went into this game.

  • My most anticipated game of the year, i have never stalked a game so much before... despite being thin in the game modes department, the gameplay provides a new experience that works.

  • Only bought it by the end of 2009 but it immediately stole my heart and became one of my favorites of 2009, made me mad with Beatlesmania, found myself singing the songs none- stop even after the console was turned off.

  • Being one of the few who didn't buy the many map packs for Halo 3, this appealed so much. The story also took me by surprise, thought it was a great story, with a great atmosphere to it; Firefight needed to be open party multiplayer though not just your friends list.