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New On Giant Bomb: Continue Watching

Update: We've split the page into continue watching and finished as some of you were asking for!

New screenshot:

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We have a pretty awesome new feature that just released today! (Premium only) It's something I've been wanting personally for a long time: a Continue Watching page for videos.

Remembering where you left off on the latest Endurance Run, or having to search for that old Quick Look from 2013 you were watching again but only half finished, has always been a pain. To alleviate some of that pain we've added a new Continue Watching page under the Video menu:

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This page shows you a listing of the last 20 videos you watched or started watching. Once you click on one of those videos it will resume right where you left off!

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We really hope you like the new feature, as you can see from the screenshot I'm already heavily using it myself!