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Wiki Beta v0.2!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback last time, we've incorporated some of that feedback already and we have a new version of the wiki beta for you all to try out! There are some significant improvements and new features in this version including editing of all objects and in page editing!

Check out our intro video for the new version here:

Where can I find this Beta?

Right here:

Wait... Comic Vine? What about Giant Bomb?

For now the beta is Comic Vine only. We chose CV as the starting point because it has the largest wiki objects and has the most problems with performance as a result. Rest assured though, the same code will work on Giant Bomb with a few modifications, and you all will benefit from this rewrite as well! If you have an active Comic Vine account you can log in and try it out, if not check out the video above to see all the changes in this version.

Trouble logging in?

We have some troubleshooting steps HERE

What is in this version of the Beta?

  • All objects editable!
  • In page editing (no more jumping to a new page when you click edit)
  • Better diff tools for large descriptions
  • Almost all field types editable (still missing things like fuzzy dates and association descriptions)

Bug Reports and Feedback

If you find any bugs (you probably will, this is a beta after all) or if you have any feedback on design or any great ideas post them here:

Will My Edits Go Live?

Nope, all edits made on the beta site will be deleted at the end of the beta. Feel free to make dummy edits that you wouldn't make on the live site.

What's next?

Here are the next items on our list:

  • Improvements to the points system
  • Better Hud interface (the area on the left that lists all your changes)
  • Get the rest of the field types editable (fuzzy dates, etc.)
  • Lots of moderation improvements
  • Bug squashing and stability improvements

Follow this blog for updates or if you would like email notifications when new stuff comes out enter your email here:

We'll keep you up to date on news as we progress in the beta, we don't have set timelines yet because we want you all to be a part of the process and timelines really depend on your feedback!

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