Notable or liked Amiga games

Jeff requested a justification for people's fondness for the Amiga so this is my attempt at it. He requested ones that aren't ports, but I'm including ones that I remember originated on it (like Lemmings, right?) and ones I remember seeming impressive even though moar impressive on PC (like Robocop 3/D) for posterity.

List items

  • Developers went on to Starfox.

  • And three.

  • Sub port of PC but still incredible.

  • Originally Amiga, and musics still best on it. I understand it bombed after a huge expensive dev which is a travesty. Jeff, if you're out there I implore you so much as check out loads of a YouTube play through, plus you mightn't notice that first time through you'll automatically skip loads of levels, so winning involves avoiding warp pipes.

  • And the rest of cinemawares games, rocket ranger if I don't get around to it.

  • DMA Design, AKA proto Rockstar around the time of Lemmngs 2, this has a million fantastic little details like the radios on the helicopters.

  • I don't know that this is notable or amigacentric, but a demo of it is the first game played on my (brothers) Amiga, and the spell combinings surely notable.

  • This couldn't have slipped past, right? If so give it butchers.

  • So motherfucking bad ass I have to say a bad word. Bitmap Brothers other noted Amiga games include xenon 1/2, speedball 1/2 (don't overlook the originals at the time) Cadaver I think...

  • Haven't the first clue about the details, but so much vehicles and menus and kickass music.

  • Seemed huge with detailed 3D interiors and ppl to talk to and different vehicles. At the time of course.

  • Debuted on Amiga and was comparatively impressive on a system lacking cartoon platformers, ported to the SNES (As Super Putty) where it got lost among the legion similar.

  • A demo of this was the second game my only brothers whiny little brother played on his Amiga, this is the one that one that made me truly think "We're not in Kansas anymore" Kansas being a place where Commodore 64s are only available as far as I know.