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The Dark Knight Rises: Speculation



So almost two and a half years have passed since The Dark Knight hit theaters and received amazing reviews. Nolan has crafted a franchise that is deserving of more recognition then it gets. After TDK, a lot of people were worried that this one could not possibly live up to the hype. That nothing can top Heath's performance and that it will be mediocre at best. After a wealth of info has been released I can assure you this will be bigger and better than TDK and that is saying something. As a huge Batman fan my whole life, seeing someone finally take the Batman universe and craft something as special as this is truly breathtaking. With the exception of The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and then Deathly Hallows Part 2, never in my life have I been so excited for a movie. This may even surpass both those. Its safe to say that these next 9 months will be excruciatingly painful to sit and wait.  Pretty much I felt like blogging because here I will post what we know so far about this movie, and what is speculation.

I'm An Agent of Chaos

From what has been released so far, and from what some clever people have deduced this movie is going to pretty much feel like part 2 to The Dark Knight which I love. My understanding leads me to believe that this movie will pick up EXACTLY where TDK left off, with Batman speeding away on his Batpod being chased by the cops. This has been confirmed by this video that was leaked   
  Now whether or not this is the beginning of the movie, there is no confirmation. But from the looks of it this is exactly where TDK left off. And the story will continue...

The 6-Minute Prologue

A few weeks ago a news story was released saying that the opening 6-minutes of TDKR will be added as a trailer in front of Mission Impossible IV. Now I have no confirmation on this next bit of info but from a reliable source(a friend who has called some huge rumours to be correct) the scene will go like this. It will start off with Batman being chased down by the cops. As he reaches the tunnels where Joker was threatening to blow up, he is cut off by a few massive trucks and his Batpod crashes causing even more serious injury to Batman(remember at end of TDK he fell about 50 feet off a building with Two-Face). As the trucks stop Bane and his henchmen step out of the trucks and walk towards Batman as he crawl away. Then Batman finds a doorway that leads up some stairs into a pathway of some sorts(sorry im going off memory). This all fits because in this next part if you remember from the teaser trailer at the end Batman is seen limping and unsteady as Bane is rising up stairs towards him. Batman is so worn down and weak that after a short fight Bane gets his epic moment, and follows in the footsteps of Knightfall by breaking the Bat. While this is only a rumor is seems as if it is most likely true. A lot of the stuff fits.

Speculation: Who is in and who isn't? Plot Lines Expanded

-Will Bane break the bat?
As talked about in the above section it seems as if this is true.   Released earlier in the year a video went online that showed a limping Bruce Wayne arriving at a night club. I mean the movie has to be called The Dark Knight Rises for a reason right,? I mean in the teaser trailer you can clearly hear Bruce talking about "What is he doesn't exist anymore? What is the Batman isn't coming back?" This confirms that Batman will take a leave from the movie at some point due to Bane, whether from physical or mental exhaustion.
  -Who is Joseph-Gordon Levitt playing? Who is John Blake?
According to his bio, John Blake is a beat cop put on a special mission by Gordon. A lot of fanboys believe he is either Robin or The Riddler in disguise but this just does not fit. I mean Nolan said awhile back in an interview that Robin was a toddler at during this time frame but hey things can change. And The Riddler is just very unlikely even if I do think JGL would do it brilliantly. All signs point to him being just a cop, but an important one. JGL is to big of an actor to not play a huge role in this movie.
-Will the League of Shadows appear?
A few weeks ago Liam Neeson was confirmed to be returning as Ra's AL Ghoul in TDKR. A lot of people believe  that he is just in it for flashbacks but don't count him out. He could still be in the real story as well and might play an integral part. NEVER put anything past Nolan. Also, while Cottilard says her character Miranda Tate is NOT a character from the comics, don't rule her out as Talia Al' Ghul. Some pics have shown her in spy gear and I wouldn't past Nolan to use her new alias Miranda Tate as a smokescreen for who she really is. There is a pic of her in Bane's truckl....hmmmm.
-What will happen to Gordon?
This one is tough. My best guess is he takes a nasty fall. He is scene shooting a scene on top of Bane's car right before that car is destroyed in a stunt a few shots later.
-Will Scarecrow return?
Cillian Murphy was interviewed a few weeks ago and was asked this question. He decline comment and when continously asked the questioned he just kept laughing and smiling and pretty much gave all but an answer to confirm that he will return. He was even seen on set a few weeks ago. Whether he was shooting a scene, we do not know. But expect Dr.Crane to return. Maybe he is who supplies Bane with venom.

Going Out With a Bang

Nolan is keeping the ending to this one as big of a secret as possible. It has been confirmed that a total of 5 people(including Nolan) know the true ending to TDKR and that according to a tweet it will be shot entirely in VFX in the studio. He removed the last few pages of the script so even most of the cast and crew are still curious. One of these 5 has been confirmed to be Gary Oldman. Whether he is in the scene or not we do not know, Nolan trusts him with his life and I would bet that Oldman was told because he is so loyal to Nolan. Expect a huge ending from one of the most fabled trilogies of all-time.