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SO much to play....SO little time

So I just got out of school for winter break, took all my finals and now I get around 5 weeks off till I have to head back. My list of games I want to beat is growing everyday it seems like and I don't have enough time! Here is my list of what I am wanting to accomplish but I just don't know if I will be able to do it.
-Play the shit out of Skyrim: So I have only played for like 25ish hours and there is SO much more to do in this game. My life will be sucked into this game for awhile. 
-Play Gears 3 Multiplayer: So I have beaten the campaign and I played the multiplayer for awhile then set it down once other stuff came out but with the Booster Map Pack and the first of the DLC has come out I need to pick it up again and play some more.
-Complete Arkham City: I need to run through it in New Game+ Mode again, already completed Riddler Challenges, and then I need to get all medals on the Challenge maps. Love this game.
-Go on a crazy Zelda spree: So I have always wanted to do this. I have never beaten Ocarina of Time and I own it on N64 and Wii. I also am going tomorrow to trade-in Dark Souls and MW3 which should allow me to get Skyward Sword Bundle for under $20. I also plan on buying Majora's Mask off of amazon and beating that. So I ask you this. Should I beat OoT on N64 like it was made to be played, or use my GC controller and beat it on Wii?
-Beat Kingdom Hearts 2: I haven't played this game in soooo long and I have been dying to get back to it but this is last on my last of importance.
-Other misc. games that I want to play and beat: I plan on picking up some misc games on sale after X-mas and plus I will be getting some other games for X-Mas as well.
So I have quite a list of games there that I need to play and beat. To tell you there truth that isn't all I have to do either. I have FFVII and FFVIII that I picked up this past summer stored away somewhere and I need to beat those too. SUCH a busy gaming break. And I still want to read the final book in the Inheritance Trilogy, plus this book called Tick Tock by James Patterson. I don't know where to freaking start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Dark Knight Rises: Speculation



So almost two and a half years have passed since The Dark Knight hit theaters and received amazing reviews. Nolan has crafted a franchise that is deserving of more recognition then it gets. After TDK, a lot of people were worried that this one could not possibly live up to the hype. That nothing can top Heath's performance and that it will be mediocre at best. After a wealth of info has been released I can assure you this will be bigger and better than TDK and that is saying something. As a huge Batman fan my whole life, seeing someone finally take the Batman universe and craft something as special as this is truly breathtaking. With the exception of The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and then Deathly Hallows Part 2, never in my life have I been so excited for a movie. This may even surpass both those. Its safe to say that these next 9 months will be excruciatingly painful to sit and wait.  Pretty much I felt like blogging because here I will post what we know so far about this movie, and what is speculation.

I'm An Agent of Chaos

From what has been released so far, and from what some clever people have deduced this movie is going to pretty much feel like part 2 to The Dark Knight which I love. My understanding leads me to believe that this movie will pick up EXACTLY where TDK left off, with Batman speeding away on his Batpod being chased by the cops. This has been confirmed by this video that was leaked   
  Now whether or not this is the beginning of the movie, there is no confirmation. But from the looks of it this is exactly where TDK left off. And the story will continue...

The 6-Minute Prologue

A few weeks ago a news story was released saying that the opening 6-minutes of TDKR will be added as a trailer in front of Mission Impossible IV. Now I have no confirmation on this next bit of info but from a reliable source(a friend who has called some huge rumours to be correct) the scene will go like this. It will start off with Batman being chased down by the cops. As he reaches the tunnels where Joker was threatening to blow up, he is cut off by a few massive trucks and his Batpod crashes causing even more serious injury to Batman(remember at end of TDK he fell about 50 feet off a building with Two-Face). As the trucks stop Bane and his henchmen step out of the trucks and walk towards Batman as he crawl away. Then Batman finds a doorway that leads up some stairs into a pathway of some sorts(sorry im going off memory). This all fits because in this next part if you remember from the teaser trailer at the end Batman is seen limping and unsteady as Bane is rising up stairs towards him. Batman is so worn down and weak that after a short fight Bane gets his epic moment, and follows in the footsteps of Knightfall by breaking the Bat. While this is only a rumor is seems as if it is most likely true. A lot of the stuff fits.

Speculation: Who is in and who isn't? Plot Lines Expanded

-Will Bane break the bat?
As talked about in the above section it seems as if this is true.   Released earlier in the year a video went online that showed a limping Bruce Wayne arriving at a night club. I mean the movie has to be called The Dark Knight Rises for a reason right,? I mean in the teaser trailer you can clearly hear Bruce talking about "What is he doesn't exist anymore? What is the Batman isn't coming back?" This confirms that Batman will take a leave from the movie at some point due to Bane, whether from physical or mental exhaustion.
  -Who is Joseph-Gordon Levitt playing? Who is John Blake?
According to his bio, John Blake is a beat cop put on a special mission by Gordon. A lot of fanboys believe he is either Robin or The Riddler in disguise but this just does not fit. I mean Nolan said awhile back in an interview that Robin was a toddler at during this time frame but hey things can change. And The Riddler is just very unlikely even if I do think JGL would do it brilliantly. All signs point to him being just a cop, but an important one. JGL is to big of an actor to not play a huge role in this movie.
-Will the League of Shadows appear?
A few weeks ago Liam Neeson was confirmed to be returning as Ra's AL Ghoul in TDKR. A lot of people believe  that he is just in it for flashbacks but don't count him out. He could still be in the real story as well and might play an integral part. NEVER put anything past Nolan. Also, while Cottilard says her character Miranda Tate is NOT a character from the comics, don't rule her out as Talia Al' Ghul. Some pics have shown her in spy gear and I wouldn't past Nolan to use her new alias Miranda Tate as a smokescreen for who she really is. There is a pic of her in Bane's truckl....hmmmm.
-What will happen to Gordon?
This one is tough. My best guess is he takes a nasty fall. He is scene shooting a scene on top of Bane's car right before that car is destroyed in a stunt a few shots later.
-Will Scarecrow return?
Cillian Murphy was interviewed a few weeks ago and was asked this question. He decline comment and when continously asked the questioned he just kept laughing and smiling and pretty much gave all but an answer to confirm that he will return. He was even seen on set a few weeks ago. Whether he was shooting a scene, we do not know. But expect Dr.Crane to return. Maybe he is who supplies Bane with venom.

Going Out With a Bang

Nolan is keeping the ending to this one as big of a secret as possible. It has been confirmed that a total of 5 people(including Nolan) know the true ending to TDKR and that according to a tweet it will be shot entirely in VFX in the studio. He removed the last few pages of the script so even most of the cast and crew are still curious. One of these 5 has been confirmed to be Gary Oldman. Whether he is in the scene or not we do not know, Nolan trusts him with his life and I would bet that Oldman was told because he is so loyal to Nolan. Expect a huge ending from one of the most fabled trilogies of all-time.

Wii U: Impressions?

So this is just a short blog that I thought I'd write. After watching the Nintendo conference I am pretty impressed with the new console. It has the potential to be pretty innovative IF the console can do everything we actually saw in the video at the conference such as throwing ninja stars onto the screen from the controller, or pushing a video(the parrot video) from the controller onto the screen. BUT, does anyone else think Nintendo is continuing its streak of the stupidest sounding console names ever? I mean Wii:U? How does this not sound gay, "Hey guys how about we all come back to my house and play on my Wii U!!!" I mean seriously, the name needs to be changed. Its laughable.


What MMORPG can kill WoW? I think I might have an idea.

So I've been thinking over the past few days. A lot of people I know still play WoW non-stop. They admit even that since Cataclysm came out, WoW isn't as enjoyable as it used to be back when it first came out, yet they still play it. I asked them why and they told me "Because there is nothing new to rival it. Its better than anything else still." That got me thinking, what type of MMO or what universe if done right could kill this game OR at least give it competition. And I thought of something. Now a lot of peop,e might stop reading right here and never continue on but just give me a chance to explain myself as to why I think it could do it. Give me a chance to throw out some ideas before you stop reading. Here it is: Harry Potter. Now please just take 5-10 minutes of your time to read my thoughts. I've been compiling ideas for quite some time. I know this is a wall of text but PLEASE just give it a chance and read it.

The Basics

Harry Potter is a franchise that makes an insane amount of money. It has sold millions of books and it has made billions of dollars in movie sales worldwide and its not yet over. This has enough popularity to really pull people in if a game is done right now here are my ideas for the game. You start off with the basic character creation screen. Choose your gender and maybe use some sliders to change skin color, hair type,etc. to give some differences in the people you see. You don't choose attributes yet. The game then throws you right into DIagon Alley where there are numerous shops to go to. From the start only the most basic items to get you through you're first year are unlocked. You will buy your basic spell books, the ingredients needed for Potions class, you can even buy a pet which will have uses later in the game. After that, you will go to get your wand and based off a specific challenge you do it will provide you with a unique wand of you're own. Then it is off to Hogwarts where you will be sorted. Here is where you choose your attributes. If you want to be a tank/DPS type character you will choose Gryffindor, if you want to be a healer/DPS then you can choose Hufflepuff, if you want to be a DPS character only and be able to unlock specific places in the castle you can choose Ravenclaw(because you are in this housr you are supposed to be very smart, this is why you can help unlock certain areas for others), if you want to be very powerful and unlock specific combat oriented spells you will choose Slytherin but you will not have much defense.


Here is where you will learn all your spells. As you take classes you will level up  and earn the ability to unlock certain spells. Each class will consist of certain tasks you have to complete based on what class you're in. Also, based on the types of classes you decide to take during you're years there, it will help to determine what job you can have once you leave Hogwarts. Also, I took the idea of Students in Peril and extended it to be side quests that will help unlock items and give exp. You will find students across Hogwarts that need your help and if you help them retrieve a certain item or help them finish a task then it unlocks new items/exp for you.


I did not forget about one of the biggest parts of WoW. The whole thing about Hogwarts is it is a magical place that is meant to be explored. As you progress through the years you unlock tougher raids and instances. Just think the Forbidden Forest is a huge area that leads to man different areas. You can go in there and face the giant spider Aragog, you can go to the home of the Centaurs later in the game once they turn against you like in the books, you can face many different beasts in there. Also, you can face the evil Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Endless possibilities. 


Hogwarts is meant to be explored. There are supposed to be numerous secret passageways and dungeons that people never found. Take time away from classes/quests and look for certain areas that might lead to secret dungeons that have new enemies to fight and new items to help you out. Just take in the atmosphere as you see ghosts float around Hogwarts, talk to them to learn history of the wizarding world and maybe you'll learn some information from specific ghosts that can help you to uncover long lost artifacts later in the gamer that boost stats(ex: Ravenclaw's Diadem, Elder Wand, Invisibilty Cloak). See Peeves causing trouble, dropping dungbombs on fellow students.


Once you enter you're second year you can enter the Dueling Club. Here you can challenge friends or other players close to your level. You can each put up one or two items "at stake" and the winner will taker those items. That way you dont have to lose anything valuable during PvP if you dont want, you dont have to put anything at stake.

After Hogwarts

Based on the classes you take at Hogwarts, you will be given a job. After Hogwarts you will go on to be in The Ministry of Magic. You will be assigned to a certain department maybe even become an Auror and this is where you will unlock higher level isntances and raids such as battling Death Eaters. You will enter Hogwarts a year ahead of Harry story wise this way once you leave Hogwarts after you're seventh year you will be able to go into the highest instance which is "The Battle of Hogwarts" but as a Ministry person.


You and 6 other friends can form you're own Quidditch team where you can challenge other "House teams" consisting of other players. At the end of a 1-2 month period the Top 32 teams will be asked to compete in a Quiditch World Cup event where the team that wins gains an exp boost and special items. Also, during the year at Hogwarts since you can't go to Diagon Alley you can access Hogsmeade for all items that you need to purchase.

My Thoughts After E3: Kinect, PS Move, and More



So this isn't a majorly thought out blog or anything its more of a spur of the moment thing but after everything that went on at I felt I needed to say something. First off did anyone other than me feel like E3 was a bit of a downer this year? I mean it seemed like everything was aimed more at a casual gamer or every company was just trying to one up the other using the exact same thing. I understand that the whole motion gaming ordeal is the big thing right now but it seems like even putting that aside there was nothing announced for the harcore gamer this year.  Here is my summary of the three conference's and my winner.


So they came out right away and pretty much the whole time was focused on Kinect. Now I think I am the only one who actually thinks that in the future this might have some serious potential. Everyone is counting it out right away because they think that the release day games aren't very intuitive or anything special. I don't understand what people want. The 360 release games weren't special but look at the console now, they have some great exclusives. I thought Dance Central and Kinect Adventures were cool and Forza showed a lot of potential for what racing games could be with a little bit of tweaking. Also the Gears 3 demo was sweet.


I really don't have much to say about this conference. It was my least favorite of the three. The reason why: Nothing new. You're saying, "Hell yeah there was. Look at all the new Mario and Zelda and DK games and....oh I see." Yeah....same old characters from a company who can't come up with a single new IP. I mean yeah those characters are great but they have relied on them for over 15 years. I love Mario and Zelda too but since they are used so much Zelda's adventures arent refreshing and new anymore. I cant say much about the 3DS till I see it in action, all they did was talk about it. Seems cool though.


Sony had a solid conference. They talked about many new games releasing and also focused on the move. While I think the Kinect has a lot of potential in the future right now Move will have the better release sales and critics will like it more cause its still a controller. Sorcery looks pretty sweet hopefully it will be more than just a dungeon crawler.  The 3D looks cool for Killzone and LBP2 is going to be a must buy for me on release day. MediaMolecule could work its way into my top 3 developers depending on just how good LBP2 really is.

The E3 Floor

Surprisingly I actually didnt get to watch a lot of videos from the floor but the few I did watch really looked cool. Bulletstorm looked solid. Dead Space 2 is going to be a must buy for me now, that gameplay was solid. Black Ops will be a pass for me. Too many COD games coming out. And they all play way to similarly. Portal 2 and Fallout New Vegas also were impressive. So overall Sony was my conference winne r but like I said watch out for Kinect in the future(anyone agree?) because it has potential. And for now I leave you with this hahahaha.

Eidos and Rocksteady: Follow their Yellow Brick Road

The age of crappy movie tie in games should be over. With the technology we have today why do developers continue to dish out garbage that people continue buy? I know that the main goal and focus of these games are to obtain a quick dollar, but seriously with the time they spend on these games they could actually try and make something special instead of half-assing it and then giving it to the general public. Most book, comic book, and movie universes have great potential to be explored and provide us a specail gem. So developer's I pose to you this question and think about it. Why not follow the example set by Eidos Interactive and Rocksteady Studios? They recently combined efforts to release the first ever(in my opinion) breathtaking comic book game. They took a universe that was widely recognized and turned the tables on the "bad movie-tie in" curse by making a game that was NOT a tie in to a movie. So why not try this? Some universes right off the top of my head that I feel have great potential are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,  Spider-Man, etc. If you don't want to hear my idea then just skip down to the lower section.
       Now we all know that there are more out there but lets just stick to a few. Right off the bat let's start with Harry Potter. Now some of you are already rolling your eyes and groaning and I completely understand but just sit tight and hear me out and who knows you might change your mind. In my opinion Harry Potter has great potential to make a great non-movie tie in game. Yes, the games are currently garbage and that saddens me. The universe is huge and it saddens me that it goes to waste. Now just listen to my idea and tell me if it doesn't sound like with some tweaks here and there like it could be a fun game. 
     I think that a Harry Potter MMO could be very entertaining and a hidden gem. Listen to these ideas I came up with while just sitting down one day.
-Character Creation: This is a given. Give us some in depth character creation. Allow us to create are character several different times. Let us generate what our character will look like as he or she grows along his/her years at Hogwarts. Then provide us with certain abilities and boosts to stats each character will obtain based on the class you choose.
-Sorting: Have the character complete a certain task or answer certain questions then have him/her put the hat on and be sorted. In each house you gain acces to certain abilities, items, secrets about Hogwarts that other houses don't know and cannot obtain.
-Quidditch: Now have try outs for the team. Have different leagues and each month the teams will be completely wiped  and allow new people to try out. For this to work there will be dozens of different leagues to provide an equal shot for everyone to make it, BUT not everyone will.
-Leveling: The Forbidden Forest is the perfect place for some PvP, wild beast encounters, something similar to raids, etc. I mean the forest is filled with unique creatures why not utilize that?
-Exploration: Hogwarts is a magical place. The books even state that there are so many different dungeons and secret passageways that not everyone knows them. Hogwarts should be a massive world that we fans and newcomers want to actually explore and will have a hard time discovering everything. The books actually state that there are other wizarding schools and settlements. Why not allow people to go there and visit , obtain new items and skills, quest, and even attend their school once you level up some?
Ok so that is my little idea and I hope you stayed with me or skipped down to here. My point is that developers aren't using their minds with certain universes and other licenses and creating something special. The whole industry of gaming is supposed to be about the gamer! They need to quit worrying about making a fast dollar and make something people would want to play. I mean look at Halo, World of Warcraft, etc. Their developers took time and look at them, they profited cause of it. Now I know you can't compare a movie-tie in to Halo but still its a good example.  Eidos and Rocksteady steered away from the movie-tie in license and made something special and they were rewarded. Arkham Asylum has sold several million units. This is my little blog for the day. it was ony my mind and I wanted to get it off before I forgot to actually write this. Please comment and I hope you actually read it all. I would love to hear your opinions on it. Thanks for reading!  I hope to blog more in the future if people actually care to take time and listen. Thanks!


It's my Birthday/ My dog died last night

So today is my 16th birthday! *gasps* Yes I know I'm only 16. But it isn't a very "happy" birthday since my dog died last night. He was only 4 and we have no idea what happened. It's hard to believe that he is gone. I'll never be able to see his face again. I was at rehearsal at school when my parents took him to the vet. I never even got the chance to say Good-Bye. It's been a pretty rough b-day altogether though. I can never replace him, he truly was man's best friend. Does anyone here know what the price for a lab is at Petsmart? I can't replace him but I now know that I need to cherish my pets. I never played with him enough and he was a great dog. I just never thought he would die this soon. I'm saving up my money for a new lab so I'm just trying to get an idea of how much they would cost.


Why_So_Serious's Top 30 Games of All-Time Part 2: (25-21)

So here is a part two continuation of my top 30 games of all-time!


25. The Orange Box (Xbox 360)


   What do you get when you combine Half-life, Team Fortress 2, and Portal all into one game? Thats right you get.............The.....Orange Box? What's Orange about it? Who cares. This game is flat-out amazing. This was the first time I have ever played a Half-Life game and let me tell you they were great. The story is nice, the graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is intense. Team Fortress 2 also surprisingly offers some of the best multiplayer to date for the 360, and for any console. It's addictive and has the charm that makes you want to play over and over again. There are several types of really different classes to play that just hooks you and gives great change when you tired of playing one class. Also Portal is one of the most original, and addictive games in a long time. I would pay $30 for that alone.


24. Banjo Kazooie (N64)


  This was the very first Rare game I played. I have to admit I was nervous when I picked this up from my friend wondering if it was worth my time to play. Let me tell you it was. I have now beat this game on the N64 and Xbox Live Arcade. It has great charm, fun gameplay, and great graphics. There really isn't a very adventurous story but for what it lacks in story it makes up for in gameplay. Your goal is to collect jiggies these puzzle pieces which unlock new levels and allow you to advance further in the game. The enemies are great and varied throughout every level, and the boss battles are descently memorable. For such an odd premise this game pretty much delivers a solid experience and I recommend any who haven't played this to go buy it right now. Give it a try!


23. Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)


  The best SSB game to date. It boasts the largest cast of characters in any SSB game yet, and has some of the best, and the most lovable characters from the other two games along with several new and highly anticipated characters. The gameplay is very balanced and each character has it's strengths and weaknesses. Even when you get to a player that just spams one move with Kirby or Pit there is always an obvious way to beat them depending on the stage your on. it also adds, for once, a storyline called the Subspace Emissary where you go through many different types of levels with different characters. This is one way of unlocking the extra characters in the game for multiplayer. The graphics are the best out of any game on the Wii to date and it has endless hours of replay value. I'm sure you've all played it at least once.


22. Contra 3 (SNES)


 I have to admit at first I hated this game. It was so brutally difficult that I just wanted to through a controller through my window. Then it hit me. I finally started to get the hang of it and the game became awesome. It is very fast paced and intense. There is NEVER a slow or resting moment in the entire game. The enemies are ruthless, and you have next to no health...... I love it! I realized that this just made the game so much better. If it was just an average game with an easy difficulty would it be as good as it is? Probably not. The difficulty challenged us to beat it and teased us causing many upon many of people to try and conquer this beast.


21. Kingdom Hearts (PS2)


 Those of you that know me well enough will be very surprised to see this game as #21 on my list.I promise the goods are coming. I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and have done almost everything possible to do. We all grew up on Disney so finally a great RPG came that we all could relate too. The characters were memorable and the story was great. It also had many of the lovable characters from FInal Fantasy also. It had unique gameplay and a great opening cutscene haha. It was a lengthy game to for Disney and had several side boss fights at the same time. While the game is sometimes linear due to the lack of side quests the main storyline is enough to hook you, and it has some very great arena fights at the Olympic Colliseum. There are several tournaments to enter into and The Hades Cup has over 50 battles with some great boss fights in it too.

So there you have it. Part 2 of my Top 30 Games of All-Time. I know there will be some disagreement but I hope you all enjoyed it for the most part.


Why_So_Serious's Top 30 Games of All-Time

So I saw a few others making this so I thought maybe I should put my two sense in and make my own list. First off,  you should know that I haven't played a plethora of classic games so my list won't have a lot of old old games like from the Genesis or anything on there. I think it goes back as far as one or two NES games is my classic gaming career and then N64 and so on.  I know the top will look kinda dull at first but bare with me. And here....we.......go!


30. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PS)


  This game is pretty much in here because of nostalgia. Now that is not to say that it isn't a great game because this is a pretty good platformer. The humor is great and the level design, while basic, is pretty fun to fool around in. The character models are pretty well done for a Playstation game and this game was pretty early for its time. I really liked how they used the level system to collect crystals and diamonds this time around instead of just beating it then advancing to the next level like in the original.


29. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (GB)


  Everyone played Pokemon when they were younger. The game was a huge hit and an instant classic. The sheer enjoyment of just exploring the world and trying to "catch em' all" hooked adults and young kids. We all couldn't put it down. As one of my first handheld games this did a great number of things for my gaming career as well is peeking a little interest into being a gamer. The graphics weren't anything special but were still great for a GB game. We will all remember Pokemon in our lifetime.


28. Devil May Cry 3 (PS2)


 After playing the original I went into buy this game one day on the used game shelf and had no idea what I had gotten myself into. The game was brutal. I had no idea it would be this hard. When a game's first boss is harder than some of the final bosses in other games you know your in for a ride. And what a ride it was. Once you got the hang of it the game is great. Dante is a great protagonist and the cutscenes are beautiful and funny. The gameplay is very fun. Even though  found it hard to upgrade all your weapons and get the necessary healing items I still enjoyed the game.


27. Mario Kart 64 (N64) 


 When I was younger me and my friends used to play this game all the time. It was funny, enjoyable, had great multiplayer options, and it had MARIO! In my opinion this game pretty much paved the way for other racers today in its own obscure way of doing so. The tracks were great , there were just enough so you didn't get bored, and the gameplay was very enjoyable. Your goal was to win the race, BUT everyone could obtain pick-ups that could be used as a weapon to distract or slow down other drivers. Ah good times!


26. Braid (Xbox 360 Arcade)


  Funny story actually. I don't own this game. I played the whole game through on my friends 360 while staying with him one night. Hey had already beaten it so he helped out a little. The artistic style of this game is great. It's almost like your playing a game inside a painting. The ability to slow down time has been used before but this game really uses it well. The puzzles are great and challenging and require a lot of thinking. While people complained that the $20 price tag was too much for a pretty short game it didn't stop sells and it shouldn't stop you from trying this out.

Well there you have it. Stay tuned for Part 2 in the next day or so. Hope you all enjoyed and didn't disagree with me to much  =) !!!!!!



So I think my friends who are still loyal to me deserve a good explanation to why I have been gone for over 6 months. And here it is. I know i have said this before but the boards around here aren't nearly as active as they are on other websites. If I need a question answered I can't rely on GiantBomb to respond quick enough. If you have seen, the game boards here are dead so I decided to give a lengthy break for awhile to this place grew enough. I am proud to say I am back now.
Secondly, I was losing my blog readers. Instead of 30-40 comments on my blogs I was getting like 3-10. I didn't feel like people cared about my opinion as much anymore. The first week of launch I had over 500 friend requests and people commented on my blogs twice daly. It was awesome. Then my comments started to die down. I didn't feel like sitting down and writing a lengthy blog if 2 people were going to read it. So I hope I can regain my readers.
Thirdly, school has been hell. I had some of the hardest classes last semester plus I was in three plays and I had to run cross-country. I barely had time to play my games let alone blog about games on here. I have an easier semester now though so I have more time.
Fourthly, my account is glitched. I had like 500 posts in the first 3 days of the site's history, but it only said I had 8. It made me mad that it makes me look like a noob when I have 8 posts.
So there you go. my latest blog. I am back please tell your friends about me. I doubt many people remember me but I hope you all do. Have a great day!