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My Thoughts After E3: Kinect, PS Move, and More



So this isn't a majorly thought out blog or anything its more of a spur of the moment thing but after everything that went on at I felt I needed to say something. First off did anyone other than me feel like E3 was a bit of a downer this year? I mean it seemed like everything was aimed more at a casual gamer or every company was just trying to one up the other using the exact same thing. I understand that the whole motion gaming ordeal is the big thing right now but it seems like even putting that aside there was nothing announced for the harcore gamer this year.  Here is my summary of the three conference's and my winner.


So they came out right away and pretty much the whole time was focused on Kinect. Now I think I am the only one who actually thinks that in the future this might have some serious potential. Everyone is counting it out right away because they think that the release day games aren't very intuitive or anything special. I don't understand what people want. The 360 release games weren't special but look at the console now, they have some great exclusives. I thought Dance Central and Kinect Adventures were cool and Forza showed a lot of potential for what racing games could be with a little bit of tweaking. Also the Gears 3 demo was sweet.


I really don't have much to say about this conference. It was my least favorite of the three. The reason why: Nothing new. You're saying, "Hell yeah there was. Look at all the new Mario and Zelda and DK games and....oh I see." Yeah....same old characters from a company who can't come up with a single new IP. I mean yeah those characters are great but they have relied on them for over 15 years. I love Mario and Zelda too but since they are used so much Zelda's adventures arent refreshing and new anymore. I cant say much about the 3DS till I see it in action, all they did was talk about it. Seems cool though.


Sony had a solid conference. They talked about many new games releasing and also focused on the move. While I think the Kinect has a lot of potential in the future right now Move will have the better release sales and critics will like it more cause its still a controller. Sorcery looks pretty sweet hopefully it will be more than just a dungeon crawler.  The 3D looks cool for Killzone and LBP2 is going to be a must buy for me on release day. MediaMolecule could work its way into my top 3 developers depending on just how good LBP2 really is.

The E3 Floor

Surprisingly I actually didnt get to watch a lot of videos from the floor but the few I did watch really looked cool. Bulletstorm looked solid. Dead Space 2 is going to be a must buy for me now, that gameplay was solid. Black Ops will be a pass for me. Too many COD games coming out. And they all play way to similarly. Portal 2 and Fallout New Vegas also were impressive. So overall Sony was my conference winne r but like I said watch out for Kinect in the future(anyone agree?) because it has potential. And for now I leave you with this hahahaha.