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What MMORPG can kill WoW? I think I might have an idea.

So I've been thinking over the past few days. A lot of people I know still play WoW non-stop. They admit even that since Cataclysm came out, WoW isn't as enjoyable as it used to be back when it first came out, yet they still play it. I asked them why and they told me "Because there is nothing new to rival it. Its better than anything else still." That got me thinking, what type of MMO or what universe if done right could kill this game OR at least give it competition. And I thought of something. Now a lot of peop,e might stop reading right here and never continue on but just give me a chance to explain myself as to why I think it could do it. Give me a chance to throw out some ideas before you stop reading. Here it is: Harry Potter. Now please just take 5-10 minutes of your time to read my thoughts. I've been compiling ideas for quite some time. I know this is a wall of text but PLEASE just give it a chance and read it.

The Basics

Harry Potter is a franchise that makes an insane amount of money. It has sold millions of books and it has made billions of dollars in movie sales worldwide and its not yet over. This has enough popularity to really pull people in if a game is done right now here are my ideas for the game. You start off with the basic character creation screen. Choose your gender and maybe use some sliders to change skin color, hair type,etc. to give some differences in the people you see. You don't choose attributes yet. The game then throws you right into DIagon Alley where there are numerous shops to go to. From the start only the most basic items to get you through you're first year are unlocked. You will buy your basic spell books, the ingredients needed for Potions class, you can even buy a pet which will have uses later in the game. After that, you will go to get your wand and based off a specific challenge you do it will provide you with a unique wand of you're own. Then it is off to Hogwarts where you will be sorted. Here is where you choose your attributes. If you want to be a tank/DPS type character you will choose Gryffindor, if you want to be a healer/DPS then you can choose Hufflepuff, if you want to be a DPS character only and be able to unlock specific places in the castle you can choose Ravenclaw(because you are in this housr you are supposed to be very smart, this is why you can help unlock certain areas for others), if you want to be very powerful and unlock specific combat oriented spells you will choose Slytherin but you will not have much defense.


Here is where you will learn all your spells. As you take classes you will level up  and earn the ability to unlock certain spells. Each class will consist of certain tasks you have to complete based on what class you're in. Also, based on the types of classes you decide to take during you're years there, it will help to determine what job you can have once you leave Hogwarts. Also, I took the idea of Students in Peril and extended it to be side quests that will help unlock items and give exp. You will find students across Hogwarts that need your help and if you help them retrieve a certain item or help them finish a task then it unlocks new items/exp for you.


I did not forget about one of the biggest parts of WoW. The whole thing about Hogwarts is it is a magical place that is meant to be explored. As you progress through the years you unlock tougher raids and instances. Just think the Forbidden Forest is a huge area that leads to man different areas. You can go in there and face the giant spider Aragog, you can go to the home of the Centaurs later in the game once they turn against you like in the books, you can face many different beasts in there. Also, you can face the evil Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Endless possibilities. 


Hogwarts is meant to be explored. There are supposed to be numerous secret passageways and dungeons that people never found. Take time away from classes/quests and look for certain areas that might lead to secret dungeons that have new enemies to fight and new items to help you out. Just take in the atmosphere as you see ghosts float around Hogwarts, talk to them to learn history of the wizarding world and maybe you'll learn some information from specific ghosts that can help you to uncover long lost artifacts later in the gamer that boost stats(ex: Ravenclaw's Diadem, Elder Wand, Invisibilty Cloak). See Peeves causing trouble, dropping dungbombs on fellow students.


Once you enter you're second year you can enter the Dueling Club. Here you can challenge friends or other players close to your level. You can each put up one or two items "at stake" and the winner will taker those items. That way you dont have to lose anything valuable during PvP if you dont want, you dont have to put anything at stake.

After Hogwarts

Based on the classes you take at Hogwarts, you will be given a job. After Hogwarts you will go on to be in The Ministry of Magic. You will be assigned to a certain department maybe even become an Auror and this is where you will unlock higher level isntances and raids such as battling Death Eaters. You will enter Hogwarts a year ahead of Harry story wise this way once you leave Hogwarts after you're seventh year you will be able to go into the highest instance which is "The Battle of Hogwarts" but as a Ministry person.


You and 6 other friends can form you're own Quidditch team where you can challenge other "House teams" consisting of other players. At the end of a 1-2 month period the Top 32 teams will be asked to compete in a Quiditch World Cup event where the team that wins gains an exp boost and special items. Also, during the year at Hogwarts since you can't go to Diagon Alley you can access Hogsmeade for all items that you need to purchase.