My favorite games of all time.

This is the list of my top 10 most favorite games of all time. It doesn't mean I think they're the best, it just means they are closer to my heart than others. My top 10 games are actually different, but these are my absolute favorites.

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  • I can't really believe just how much I loved Paper Mario. The RPG elements were very dumbed-down, the story was pretty generic, and the visuals were muddy. But I doesn't change the fact that I had the most fun with this game than any other game I've ever played. I've beaten it at least 10 times, with none of them feeling repetitive or boring. I could literally sit down and play the game again, and not feel anything other than amazement.

  • Metal Gear Solid 3's story is one of the best I've ever watched/played. I almost drew a tear at the end of the game, that's how much I was engaged with the story. It also helped that it was Metal Gear Solid game, meaning it was very fun. It (easily) has the best boss crew of any Metal Gear game, you had to use camouflage to your advantage, and the environments just screamed realism.

  • I'm not a big PC gamer, but when my family first got our PC way back, one of my mom's friends gave us a bunch of games to play, and Warcraft II was one of them. I started playing the game, and I was absolutely bewildered on how fun the game was. I went for days without playing with friends just so I could play more Warcraft II. I even go back to my shitty old PC once in a while to play it. It was (and still is), a lot of fun to play. Yesh me lord!

  • Resident Evil 2 literally gave me nightmares when I was a child. The eery atmosphere, the blood and guts, and the scary music all came together as easily one of the spookiest games ever made. I love Resident Evil 2 so much because of its major improvements over the first Resident Evil, as well as having more varied environments that ultimately looked much better. I played this games with friends all the time back in the day, and I remember how much fun it was all the time.

  • I came down with a bad flu when I was in public school, and I just started to play Pokemon Gold after I got it for my Birthday. My god, I spent hours upon hours playing this game in bed, with the light off, and my worm light on. I literally played this game for 10 hours straight one day because I couldn't even get out of bed. I was hooked, and I can even go back today and play more of it. Gold and Silver are easily the best Pokemon games, and they're also my favorite of the series as well.

  • GoldenEye 007, need I say more? Me and my friends used to play this game on four-player all the time! Sometimes we'd play it for hours at a time, trying to beat our opponents with assault rifles, and proximity mines. I also loved going through the campaign with cheats on like DK and paintball mode just for fun. I even went through and beat every mission on Secret Agent, just so I could play the bonus missions at the end.

  • Oh, Super Mario World, how I loved you so. I played this game at my buddy's house when I was a kid all the time, switching back and forth between every completed level, or death. Super Mario Bros. 3 is known so well for being the game with the overworld, and the awesome power-ups, but Super Mario World bested it in every way. Better power-ups, bigger overworld, prettier graphics, amazingly memorable soundtrack. Super Mario World had it all.

  • Though I definitely think Ocarina of Time is the better overall Zelda game, the Wind Waker has a different place in my heart because of the dedication Nintendo put into the game. The Wind Waker is the prettiest game on the Gamecube, no doubt in my mind. It's like someone went into the future, pull the graphics from 2010, then brought it back to 2003. The Wind Waker also had a lot of uniqueness that other Zelda games lacked. Sailing through the ocean was tons of fun, the dungeons were varied, but the core gameplay remained the same. 'Nuff said.

  • San Andreas had me hooked for months. At the time of its release, I didn't have money to spend left and right, so I had to play one game for months, before I got another game. San Andreas is such a massive game; three distinctively different looking cities, one giant desert, a huge country/hick area, and much, MUCH more. Though the visuals definitely took a hit, I look back at my time playing through San Andreas and remembered how much damn fun the game was. It was at least 40-50 hours to complete JUST the main quest, which is unreal in today's standards.

  • Ah, 2008. Fallout 3, MGS4, GTA IV, Braid. But the game that I personally loved most out of them all, was Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It had the core Banjo Kazooie formula, but in a differently unique way. Building odd contraptions to complete different obstacles had me hooked for hours on end. The amazing visuals, the cheery and memorable soundtrack, and just about every other aspect of Nuts and Bolts just warms me up every time I think of it. Such a fantastic game that no one bought, and the critics didn't care for (except Brad of course). Such a damn shame.