Ace cheep downloadable games - work in progress

Note: the pc games are ones i've got off steam

List items

  • Always fun flying off ramps and lining up for perfect landings, gets a little too hard though

  • Insane bullet hell shooter, steep initial learning curve but after figuring out some of the main techniques, the difficulty ramps up pretty steadily. Incredibly satisfying and with the YouTube guides available, it's accessible for newcomers like myself. Cannot recommend this enough!

  • Probably the best "use your own music" game - hence endless replayability (untill you get sick of the gameplay)

  • Got it with a pack of indie games that wanted just for super meat boy. Turns out I found super meat boy to be kind of not fun. - there's no pay off to the difficulty and the artstyle and character of the whole thing just felt way too pretentious. VVVVVV on the other hand turned out to be a real winner. Simple mechanic that doesnt outstay its welcome, awesome art style and sound track and its a bargain.

  • Not much to look at but it has awsome mechanics and gameplay with pleanty of good bosses, all for £4. Unlike the rest of the Gundemonium series on steam and PSN, this one has co-op too.

  • XBLA version, achievements make it a satisfying way to replay this classic, real cheep as well.

  • Best version of portal, not mega cheep though

  • XBLA version, Awsome for any fan of the origional or even N64 era platformers - borrows a lot from mario 64

  • Really cheap on steam and well fun. Like a top-down mario kart but with geometry wars art.

  • XBLA version, again not mega cheep but awsome for people not mega good at street fighter, tons of crazy characters

  • XBLA version, cheep and proper hard for people who didn't play the arcade version. Still awsome for shooting a ton of dudes, controls can feel a little wierd on a 360 pad - could do with a square gate joystick or 4 way d-pad.

  • Great looking fast shooter with cool upgrades and weapon system. Bit of an "old school" edge to the gameplay.

  • Not that cheep, but a really complete, metroid style platformer/shooter

  • A bit repetative but crazy and awsome for a quick future-cyborg-turkey-badminton match