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Our First Livestream... For the Kids!

Hey all,

Thanks to the powers of the Playstation 4, and the charitable work of Giant Bomb, @duskvamp and I have decided to participate in our first livestream on Saturday, November 5, at 11AM CST, for the Extra Life charity for the kids. We'll be playing through the entirety of Beyond: Two Souls together (I've played it, and will control Aiden, she hasn't and will control Jodie). If we hit a goal of $100, I'll extend the stream from 12 hours to 24 and play through Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition as well.

I'll start off by linking to our Extra Life Donation page, and to our YouTube channel that will house our PS4 livestream, and then I'll talk a bit about ourselves to hopefully entice you to give us a chance.

Those of you that have been around for a while may recognize my username, newbies may not. But I'm a longtime member of the site, and am probably most known for meeting my fiance through the Giant Bomb forums a few years back. I'm American, she's British. After talking on these forums back and forth for close to a year (and playing some Saints Row and Portal 2 over Xbox Live) we started a long distance relationship travelling both of our continents together for a few years, and meeting the Giant Bomb crew along the way. On our first Valentine's together, I got to surprise her with a little song written for us by Dave Snider, Vinny, and Drew, which you can listen to here:

Valentine's Dave and the Duders - Love Blooms on a Giant Bomb

Obviously, things went well, and we really appreciated how much effort they put into something so trivial. We rewarded them in pizza ...and dry ice:

In 2013, we wound up going on a cross-country road trip to San Francisco, and had arranged to meet the Bomb Crew in the CBSi offices. We arrived just before the 4th of July, which some of you may recall is the exact week that we lost Ryan Davis. We originally assumed that the plans were off, but Rorie asked us to wait and see, and we were texting with him as they recorded the Ryan Davis memorial podcast. We met the crew in the podcast room minutes after that fateful Bombcast, and while it was a horrible time for them, I think having something to help them switch gears was appreciated, and helped remind them why they do what they do. We left a care package of British snacks with them, and our flowers can be found on the table in this video:

About a year later, we had some more news for the crew, and it was clear they remembered us and were happy to hear from us:

So that brings us here. We're engaged (marrying next Summer) and living together in the States. Giant Bomb has been an integral part of our relationship and our lives. And this is just a roundabout way of letting you get to know us a bit and asking you to help us help Giant Bomb raise money for the kids. We're new to livestreaming, but we'd appreciate you spending any time or money you have with us on November 5. Thanks guys!