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My top games of 2016

This has been a weird year gaming-wise. I continued my trend of departing from anything remotely story or character oriented - with a few notable exceptions. Grand strategy obviously has been a major focus and I attended my first gaming convention in the Paradox Fangathering. Also I started playing WoW again after 10 (!) years.

I also played tons of Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II and Elite: Dangerous, which all had excellent expansions this year. I also played a lot of Overwatch with my friends. I hate it.

List items

  • An incredible game, which made me feel smart and dumb at the same time. I love the quotes and the many layers of puzzles. It also is very pretty.

  • Stellaris is Paradox first entry in the sci-fi genre. Think of a mix between Crusader Kings and Master of Orion. This game has a lot of problems, but it perfected the exploation part in 4x to a degree, that is it singles it out in the genre.

  • Paradox classic series focussing on the second World War. Traditionally this is the most hardcore of the grand strategy games. However, Paradox did a great job on improving the UI and making the gameplay intuitive.

  • A classic series with a new entry. I love the new focus on more complex city layouts. It is the most complete vanilla Civ, since Civ III.

  • I started playing again after 10 years. My old Resto-Druid. Legion is a great expansion allowing returning players to get started easily.

  • Man, when it comes to shooters Battlefields is my jam. Anglo-Saxons apparently like this game because its sensitive depiction of WW1. As a German I almost feel offended, because it continues the age old tradition of dehumanizing Germans. Something that could have easily been alleviated by just portraing half of the stories from the central power side. But no..... Well, you play this for the muliplayer anyway.

  • Xcom 2 is an fantastic game. However I basically did a single playthough on normal Ironman, and was done with it. I don't really have the stamina for a higher difficulty. (= or would use my game time differently)

  • Hondorable mention: I really did not play as much of this game as I wanted to. I was put of that the endgame is overly hard.