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Barter trade agreement. Santa's elves produce all the physical goods that get included with collectors editions throughout the year in return for legitimate copies of the games.

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Also free on Steam for a limited time.

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I live on the main road in a good sized subdivision, so I easily get 80-100 kids at my door. I also cosplay, so I try to do things up. This year due to work I only had time once I got home to put out some motion activated wolf decorations and put on my werewolf gear. (Last year I did a big FNAF setup w/ me in my Foxy gear standing there looking like I was just another decoration moving my head back & forth)

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At an con in town, there was a panel presenting "Manime." Manly anime. I can't quite remember it all but some of the shows he put a spotlight on that I remember were:

  • Fist of the North Star
  • Berzerk
  • One Punch Man
  • Cromartie High School
  • Hajime no Ippo (even pausing to point out that the guy is using real techniques)
  • And a clip of some anime where the leader of a street gang orders his men to march in a direction and let nothing stand in their way. When they reached the side of a house, he insists that NOTHING will stand in their way, so they just march THROUGH the wall and through the house. And it continues. Through a wake walking over and on the body without a care. Climbing up a telephone pole and then right back down because it was in the exact spot that was in their way. What the hell was that? And is it any good beyond this crazy sequence?

The panel was also awesome because the guy was always using a gruff tough guy voice and throwing everybody beef jerky. And I mean EVERYBODY! Every couple of minutes, he would stop his presentation and throw more beef jerky to the people who came late. Easily over 100 pieces.

And after he was done showing clips, he did an open challenge arm wrestling tournament. Yeah, it was a crazy as hell panel.

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@dookierope: I'll confirm that CNBC will be carrying Sochi live starting 4am PDT.

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So I feel bad that I think I came up with justification for why the Wyatts fell after taking the soul of Taker & Kane. Its such a BAD justification that I can both see someone in creative pitching it but they STILL bungle it like they did.

Taking the souls of "The Brothers of Destruction" actually EMPOWERED them by removing a restraint on the demonic/supernatural portions of the characters. Wyatt really just got the soul of Biker Taker and Corporate Kane, leaving pure unfiltered Dead Man Undertaker and Demon Kane?

I mean, weren't the whole Corporate Kane / Seth Rollins / Demon Kane feud "triangle" segments just a month or so ago all centered around playing into Corporate Kane and Demon Kane being different entities?

(yes, this is a joke of an idea, but I mean... sigh)

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So I was checking what the October PS Plus lineup was and noticed this little tidbit:

Last thing! Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will no longer be available as a free download for Plus members starting on October 6th, 2015. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to go to PlayStation Store now before October 6th!

(link: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/09/30/ps-plus-free-games-for-october-2015/ )

I mean personally I haven't played driving games for a while, but I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the talk about a "PS Plus Edition" I assumed it was just a standing offer. In hindsight, I suppose it is reasonable that it was probably just intended as a "at launch" offer when Driveclub was announced.

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So since it's coming up, does anybody happen to have a copy of "July 4th On The Bay"? I was able to confirm what it was called via the Wayback Machine from 2011, but of course it won't play from there.

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@wraithtek: For dwellers going into the Wasteland, the easy answer for Stimpaks is to give them 25 if you can. And that's simply because they can't take 26. As for Radaway, I give my guys 15 just to be safe, but 10 would probably be more than enough since it seems like they often come back with plenty. But you're millage may vary based on how long they can survive and their stats. It may also be that the longer they are out, the more likely they are to have events that result in radiation damage, but so far I've recalled them after they've used 20+ Stimpaks and less then 10 RadAway.

From what I've seen, Stimpaks will always heal 50% of their hitpoints. So Vault Dwellers with higher levels and higher Endurance will have a larger HP pool, so Stimpaks are used less frequently since they are more effective. This means they can be out longer, getting more and potentially better stuff. And of course, higher SPECIAL stats and better weapons can mean they are less likely to fail the random events in the Wasteland and take less damage (and therefore slow the rate of Stimpak use, extending their trips).

At this point, I've got 4 guys with high quality weapons and gear running exploration rotation. And if I expect someone to return, I make sure I let them back into the Vault, get their loot, heal them up, and send them back out with a fresh stack of 25 Stims & 15 RadAway BEFORE I collect the new ones from my Med Bays so they don't get wasted. And at this point those guys have leveled up to the point that they can often go around 24 hours, with my highest currently on a 36 hour run and he still has 8 Stimpaks so I think I'll let him go longer and recall him before I go to bed.

(And capacity is 5 each by default and each room adds +10 to your capacity for the type of product they produce, regardless of upgrades or merging. Upgrades & merging Med Bays & Labs only increase the number produced at a time.)

As for my Vault, I'm now getting 12 levels deep and can't fit in one screen cap:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

And while I'm not sure what the original Vault-Tec experiment was for Vault 023, but at this point it is running under the guidance that the 2nd Amendment is too soft. "You say it's a 'right'? Well in Vault 23, gun ownership is a REQUIREMENT!" We basically got hit with a bunch of random Radroach infestations starting in my training rooms on the left that would basically spread to EVERYWHERE (at the time, I didn't have enough people or guns to spare to be training, so they were all empty). But now we have a solid breading program (two rooms with 6 high Charisma dwellers each) to keep the training rooms occupied and using four explorers constantly out to bring back TONS of guns.

Oh, and while I did sometimes have people standing guard in the Vault Door, they would never be able to finish them off (which is why I've got 4 explorers instead of just 2). So instead, I've got the "2nd Amendment Diner" where our highly skilled waitstaff will gladly seat you in our "Smoking" and "Get Smoked" sections. It seemed much easier to just load them up with high damage guns and good gear and have a 6v3 fight since they were always getting past the guards anyways.