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A great, but flawed PS3 game. 0

 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a game released by Naughty Dog that has elements from games like Tomb Raider and Gears of War, and uses those elements together in an action adventure game that takes the player on a treasure hunting adventure. Uncharted is a great game, but it isn't perfect. It has flaws which dampens the experience.Let's start with the pros. Uncharted was one of the best looking games of its time (before being squashed horribly by its successor two years later), and is still one ...

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An amazing RPG experience on the Nintendo 64 0

 Paper Mario is the second Mario RPG to be released. The first, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, was released back in 1996 for the SNES, and it was an amazing game. It strayed away from the platforming that Mario is known best for. To go to an RPG type of gamplay and stay true to Mario is amazing. Square helped develop the game, so it's no surprise that it was great.Paper Mario was developed by Intelligent Systems, and the gameplay is very different from the SNES counterpart, as well ...

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A worthless add-on that is not even worth $5 0

 Versus mode is an add-on to Resident Evil 5 available on the PlayStation Store for $5. This mode allows up to four players to play against each other in four different modes: slayer, team slayer, survivor, and team survivor. They're all interesting modes since the zombies are still around and you get to kill players. The problem is that the mechanics of the game are not right for this type of game.First off, this is something that just should have come with the game. It was a very small file wh...

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Metroid Fusion is short, but quite an impressive game. 0

  Metroid Fusion is the first Metroid game to be released on the Gameboy Advance, and it can only be summed up with one word: awesome. Metroid Fusion, unlike other Metroid games, is hugely story based. The game starts off with Samus on planet SR-388, and she comes across a creature--a parasite--called the X-Virus. This parasite really hurt Samus, causing her to become unconscious. After recovering miraculously due to a cure, she goes to a space station to see the commotion going on. The story ...

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Resident Evil 5 has its flaws, but is a great game overall. 0

 Resident Evil, a series that defined survival-horror, has been around for thirteen years. Capcom, the creators of Resident Evil, released Resident Evil 5, the seventh game in the main series (0 and Code: Veronica make Resident Evil 5 the seventh game in the series instead of the fifth), in March, 2009. Four years prior, Resident Evil 4 was released, and the game was highly received with its new gameplay and new style. Does Resident Evil 5 live up to the success that its predecessor was? Let's f...

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An innovative and absolutely amazing platformer. 0

 When Super Mario 64 was first released back in 1996, thirteen years ago, it was a revolutionary game that influenced many 3-D games. It's possibly, along with Ocarina of Time, one of the most influential video games ever created. Does this make the game good, however? The answer is yes. Super Mario 64, even today, is a game that everyone should own. The game is far ahead of its time.First off, the graphics, even today, look good. How Nintendo was able to manage this on an 8MB cartridge is quite...

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An amazing achievement. One of the best games ever made. 2

 The good: Amazing graphics and sound New and innovative gameplay Intelligent AI One of the best stories ever created in video games Extremely customisable Unique boss fights The bad: LONG cutscenes (can be a good thing depending on the player) Scattered install and load times FaceCamo does not disappear during cutscenes For over ten years, the Metal Gear Solid series has told a compelling story with interesting characters. Metal Gear Solid 4 concludes the events of the first three games in ...

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