2016: A Review Askew!

2016: A Review Askew!

Here's a list of every video game, TV show, album, and movie I experienced this year. Some of which I wrote about, others I didn't. Enjoy!

Top 10 Games

10.Watchdogs 2 (I'm a parkour hacker in San Fran, check out my funky pants!)

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Overall Feels: Stylish, Fun, I love good Sandbox-City Romps

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I loved being able to play this game non-lethally. The main character, Marcus, didn't come across to me as a killer. Being able to Stun, hack, and drone my way through missions allowed his character to grow more naturally with me.

Favorite Moment: While I was playing the game, minding my own business, another player from...somewhere in the world started Hacking into my game. I found where he was hiding, he ran, jumped into a car and before I knew it, we were in a city trekking high-speed chase that could rival any action movie you've seen. He got away...but then friend requested me on PSN. We then went on a 3-hour spree of hijinks in SanFran. We pulled off heists, caught criminals, escaped bounty hunters, surfed on cars, and took loads of in-game selfies. Because of him, I was able to get the last trophies I needed to Platinum the game. Good times, thank you random player!

9. Overcooked!(I'm a cook sent to the past to be able to stop a Spaghetti Monster from the future!-and these are my friends!)

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Overall Feels: Joy, Frenzy, the warming sensation of teamwork

What I Dug about the Gameplay: When you start playing, you're frantically yelling at your friends to bring you more onions! By the end, you are carefully planning and assigning who gets the onions, who chops the onions, and who cooks the onions. Brilliant.

Favorite Moment: The first Ice level is pure beauty. Drifting around corners in a kitchen on an iceberg, falling off the sides, running into your partners, all while making fish 'n' chips. It's the best.

8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End(I'm a charming adventurer, who can't escape my dangerous past because...the future is what truly scares me- also treasure and dead pirates!)

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Overall Feels: Wonder, Mystery, Poetry that Thrills

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Fluidity from start to finish, everything simply flowed. It had an amazing pace that seamlessly knew when to ramp up and when to simmer down.

Favorite Moment: Within the first couple hours of the game, there's a scene with Nathan Drake and his wife Elena at home. They get into a conversation that involves his past. And then I saw it. It blew my mind. Elena said one thing to her husband, and then her face hinted at something different, something deeper, something she wanted to but couldn't say. And that's what I saw...subtle acting in a videogame. Wow. The performances only grew deeper from there as the engrossing and personal story unfolded. It was beautiful to watch.

7. King's Quest (I'm a super old King who wants nothing more than to recant the tales of my life's "crowning" achievements to my precocious granddaughter...mostly through puns.)

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Overall Feels: Love, Wisdom, a strong sense of the Importance of family

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Wow, everything. The Puzzles were fun and meaningful, the environments were diverse, the choices you made felt impactful, the comedy was brilliant, and the tech on that cape was top notch!

Favorite Moment: The End.

6. Final Fantasy XV(I'm a dude, who's a Prince, on a road trip with my Best Buds, trying to save the world. Also my friends and I are totally just the Ninja Turtles)

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Overall Feels: Nostalgia, Brotherhood, a wide breadth of Adventure

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I really came around on the combat system. It starts off flashy and confusing. But once you understand how it works, the depth to which it extends is surprisingly engrossing. And the more you learn how to utilize it, the better it looks on screen

Favorite Moment: Riding in the car, top down, blasting old Final Fantasy Soundtracks. I rarely fast traveled. I spent hours just riding around listening to music, taking in the vistas. It was great.

5.Clash Royale(I'm a King in a Tower deploying my troops to defend me, but at the same time hoping to wreck that other King's tower across from me. Why? He laughed at me....sarcastically...)

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Overall Feels: Fun, Thrilling, a Competitive Addiction

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Clash Royale has such a Smart and Simple design, that lends itself to elicit surprising depths. Forget all the mobile game "money trap" tropes that surround it. The game itself is awesome and still exciting after 7 months of playing it...pretty much every day.

Favorite Moment: Joining a rad community within the game who, not only enjoy playing it but are also fans of my favorite videogame website, giantbomb.com; it's a website about videogames.

4. Stardew Valley(My Grandpappy gives me his old farm, it's his dying wish for me to make it thrive again. I proved my worth through patience, diligence, and lots of fried eggs.)

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Overall Feels: Beautiful, comprehensive, chock full of charm, a calming sense of euphoria

What I Dug about the Gameplay: I hadn't played a farming type game before. So this one knocked me over with what it presented. I loved working one day, while anxiously looking forward to next. I had a smile plastered on my face every time I played.

Favorite Moment: Looking at my Steam account before booting the game up and realizing I had sunk in 130 hours. I couldn't have been more proud.

3. The Witcher III: Complete Edition(I'm a Monster Hunter Guy, who realizes not all monsters are "monsters"...while some men harbor the true monsters within.... Also who wants to play cards!)

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Overall Feels: Expansive, Gritty, Majestic, this game is the definition of Rich

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game made exploring feel so natural. Wander into town, check the posts, go to the Inn, help the village, then mosey on off. It almost felt like a great western. The longer you played the more robust the world became. Add to the fact that this version (which came out this year) included both of the stellar expansions. This game heartily earned all 190 hours of gameplay from me.

Favorite Moment: I hate/love to admit it...but my favorite moment in this game came from Gwent...After a high stakes match, I won the match by accumulating over 200 points clinching a close victory, plus earning a PS Trophy on top of it. I did a celebratory dance.

2. Overwatch (You're Awesome and this game celebrates that you're awesome.Which by itself.... is awesome!)

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Overall Feels: Pride, Growth, sheer moments of Elation

What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game rewards your imagination. The characters, their abilities, and the way you see players and use them are pure poetry in motion. This is the game I have spent the most time with and even now I can't wait to play more. Add on top of that, charming special events and meaningful free additional content, Overwatch is something that I plan on playing for a long long time to come.

Favorite Moment: There are so many in-game moments and even a few loot box gains that have rocketed me out of my seat into spontaneous dances. But my favorite moment came within the first few months that the game was out. DVA detonated her self-destruct bomb, and I was playing Reinhardt. Instinctively I- (before this was a well-known move, I just reacted) I charged toward the Bomb, grabbing it in my arms, rushing it away from my team. I pushed it directly into the DVA who set it off, killing her, sacrificing myself, and saving my team. I love this game.

And another thing I like!- The way this franchise tells its story through Comics, Digital Short Films, Ambient Dialog, and the Environment feels so fresh and oddly fulfilling. Every new trinket of story you get feels like a prize, I love slowly figuring out this world and its players.

1. That Dragon, Cancer(Witness The Beauty of Love Incarnate)

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Overall Feels: Love, Sorrow, Love, Desperation, Love, Anger, Love, Love, Love, Love

What I Dug about the Gameplay: Its' remarkable way of telling a story from multiple perspectives, yet willingness to tell let you experience it from your own as well. Every inch of this work of art dripped with the deep emotional connection to its makers.

Favorite Moment: Everything is beautiful and raw. So I'll share just one of the moments that affected me while moving through this game. You're in a hospital room with the main characters, and there are brightly colored Cards strewn about the room. If you open one of these cards it would contain a personal message that was from a family to their loved one who is battling or has battled cancer. The developer collected these real messages and put them into the game. As I realized that each of these cards told a personal story, (ex. "Keep fighting Jimmy, we love you!" or simply... "I miss you mom") I also realized the AMOUNT of cards in the room. Then I left the room and walked into the hallway, also splattered with Cards, then I found another room, another hallway, another desk, another hallway, ALL filled with these cards. Phew. I lost it. Each card represented a whole universe and seeing so.....many of them...in one place made me angry. I gutterly yelled "STOP", and I was yelling at Cancer, I was pissed. Still am. After a good cry and lots of breathing, I composed myself enough to read every last one of those cards, each one as beautiful and touching as the last. This game transcends the meaning of game, and I feel so lucky the developers chose this medium, my favorite medium to tell their story. Thank you.

Be, Gamed (75 Total Games)

*Alphabetically ordered, Dated, and then Rated on a scale of 5

80 Days(IOS) 6/28. 5/5 This takes the framework of the Novel and lets you spin your own version of it. Part Choose your own Adventure/Part Oregon Trail. We Played this while traveling in The UK, it was fitting.

Aaru's Awakening (PSN)11/12. 3/5 Pretty Neat platformer and cool fiction, ...I believe you're a Minion of the God of Dawn. And you take over each God's realm (Day, Dusk, and Night) at the behest of Dawn. Worth a play.

A Bird Story (Steam)12/12. 3/5 A touching tale about a boy who finds a friend. And a friend who found a home.

A Boy and his Blob (PSN)10/28. 5/5 A Game whose great gameplay is only matched by its Charm. This game is a complete Joy.

Abzu(PSN) 12/26. 4/5 Beautiful Elegant Intriguing. An Underwater Master class

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition (Table) 12/17. 5/5 On that night, we finished a near Four Year long Campaign. Thanks Team, till the next adventure.

Amplitude(PSN)1/10. 2/5 Fell Short of expectations. And While I liked the way it used songs to tell a story, in the end...I just didn't like the song selections

Avenger's Academy (IOS)4/20. 3/5 Total Guilty Pleasure. All the Avengers have been turned into first year College Students. And they can't remember how or why. Not a good game, but that wasn't the point

Batman Arkham VR (PSVR) 10/16. 4/5 Holy Crap is it cool to Look in a Mirror and see yourself as Batman. And then Dance in that Mirror

Boom Beach (IOS)10/23. 2/5 Not a great game. Uses every annoying trope IOS games fall into. And uses them punishingly

Bound (PSVR) 11/30. 5/5 This was literally Poetry in Motion. My jaw was constantly dropping at the beauty of this game and the way it moved.

Broforce (PSN)10/22. 3/5 Silly, Mindless Fun, exactly what you'd think. And that's a good thing

Campaign Clicker(Steam) 10/31. 2/5 Not the most engaging clicker. BUT they did have FULL animated transcripts of all the presidential debates

Clash Royale (IOS)4/21 throughout. 5/5 One of Fav games of the Year. (See above) Also! This game receives free meaningful updates, events, and additional content that make it maintain it's freshness

Click Hole Adventures (URL)1/30. 5/5 This Choose your own adventure Site provides seemingly endless quality content. With premises like "You just got a sword for Birthday!" and "The Rat Pack Just asked you to Hang out Tonight". Each one barrels down and hilarity filled Adventure. I look forward to going on more.

Coming Out Simulator (URL)12/30. 4/5 A very Natural and humorous 20 minutes. It's great

Dead Star(PSN) 10/28. 2/5 Only got through the tutorial. Then I tried to find a match only to be told that their servers have been closed permanently. Bummer

Destiny: The Taken King (PS4)2/4. 4/5 I'm a Believer, Destiny is great. I would never have thought that I would have been so engrossed in a game like this. But...damn. I maxed out one character, made two more and started maxing them out too. Played with friends from all over the country. Stayed up all night by myself, simply playing and training to improve my skills. And I got good. Feel guilty I fell off over the year though, but...you know...Overwatch...

Don't Starve Together (PSN)10/4. 4/5 Same awesome game made even better being able to play with friends. Myself, Mandy and my Sister had a great run. Even made a tiny village for ourselves.

Doom (PS4)8/26. 2/5 This game was just not for me. Nothing Clicked as fun or rewarding. I can acknowledge its combat as cool. I had to stop playing after a couple of hours. One day I'll Have to try this again.

Emily is Away (Steam)3/29. 4/5 Brilliant. Transports you to 2002. Makes you feel that same social pressure too

Entwined (PSN)10/28. 3/5 A beautiful Ballet Duet. Just go for the relaxing ride

Ether One (PSN)11/18. 3/5 Pretty neat Story Telling. Fun and Challenging Puzzles. Some parts are broken. But hey, whatcha gonna do

Final Fantasy XV (PS4Pro)12/6. 5/5 One of my favorite experiences this year

Firewatch (PSN) 12/11. 5/5 Firewatch Nails everything it goes for. I was Affected and engaged, from start to finish.

Furi (PSN)10/29. 2/5 I saw what the game was, I respect it. Not for me. Looks great though! Just Not my kinda game

Gauntlet Slayer Edition (PSN)1/25. 3/5 This was some fund mindless dungeon crawling with friends. I went a littler further on my own, devoting way more time in a trance like a state, teaming up with strangers, for nights on end. But I shook that trance off and moved on after a week

Head Lander (PSN)11/5. 4/5 This was a lot of fun. I had my doubts at first when I heard that Double Fine teamed up with Adult Swim. But this was a cool ass( and creepy) game. Some truly impressive puzzling.

Helldivers (PSN)11/27. 3/5 Great Starship Trooper Vibe. This game falls into the, have fun, don't think category. It had a cool community goal aspect to it.

Hidden my Game by Mom! (IOS)12/28. 4/5 This will make you laugh. And it's really fun. Even the Ads.

Hohokum (PSN)12/27. 4/5 Serenity meets Gaming

I Expect you to Die (PSVR) 12/31. 3/5 Brilliant concept. Each scene opens up with you set up to be killed ala James Bond style. You have to clever your way out of it with as much style as possible. All In Virtual Reality

Inside (PSN)12/28. 5/5 This was Incredible. And the less I say the better

Job Simulator (PSVR) 10/29. 4/5 This is brilliant. It's too much fun. Although it does get a personal knock from me for the being the only VR game that has made me nauseous

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PSVR) 7/4. 4/5 Incredible premise, surprising execution. Mayhem as never been more fun

King's Quest (PSN)11/29. 5/5 One my favorite games of the year

Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris(PSN) 1/19. 3/5 Plain ole Multiplayer Fun. Mandy and I tore through this with gusto

The Last Guardian (PS4Pro)12/09. 5/5 I think this game was brilliant. Learning how to communicate with Trico, The Dragon Dog Bird, was simply inspirational. I felt fulfilled by the end. Great Stuff

Let it Die (PSN)12/19. ?/??? This game bewilders me and thrills me.... I think. Sometimes it feels the true game is trying to figure out the game...whoa...

Mad Max (PS4)1/5. 4/5 I had a bloody good time with this. From start to finish. My car was brutal, the chase scenes felt like I was actually in the MM universe. My beard grew super large. This game was alright, despite what the critics say.

Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)1/12. 3/5 Mario Cart is fun. It's more fun with Friends.

No Man's Sky (PSN)10/3. 4/5 I get the criticism. But it can't account for that personal moment, when you're stranded from your ship, wandering an alien planet, left to your own survival, finding shelter from acid rain, and staving off dangerous wildlife...only to make it through to witness a breathtaking three moon sunrise...Bravo.

Neverwinter (PSN)12/27. 1/5 I kinda Actively disliked pretty much everything about this MMO. It was just sloppy. Character Creation was good, ill give it that.

O! My Genesis VR (PSVR) 11/11. 2/5 Shortlived VR Demo Experience. dealt with the idea of creating and managing a village as their God.

Overcooked! (PSN)9/2. 5/5 One of the best games I played this year

Overwatch (PS4)6/17. 5/5 The second best game I played this year (see above)

The Playroom VR (PSVR)10/16. 4/5 They nailed how to have fun in groups with early VR tech. You get to be Godzilla, rampaging through a city. Or a cat, catching mice. Or a sheriff with face blindness. The whole package was super fun and impressive.

Playstation VR Worlds (PSVR)10/13. 4/5 This was my go to when introducing friends to Virtual Reality. As it was MY first experience with it. In short, it's magic, pure magic.

Pokemon GO (IOS)7/20. 3/5 The Zeitgeist that took everyone by storm. We were all there, it was a beautiful summer of Pokemon Love. Sadly the game itself was too frustrating and inconsistent to take seriously. But damn was it fun while the nation wide fad lasted.

Reigns(IOS) 12/31. 4/5 A really great and humorous King Simulator, Crude in presentation but rich in Personality

Rocket League (PSN) revisited. 5/5 Rocket League continued to get play time from me this year, because it is STILL good

Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves(PS3) 4/19. 5/5 One My favorite franchises at it's finest.

The Stanely Parable (Steam)12/13. 5/5 Finally getting to try this game out was great. I had heard so much about it and it lived up to every expectation

Stardew Valley (Steam)5/16. 5/5 One of my favorite games of the year.

SUPERHOT (steam)12/27. 5/5 This game has a goal. And achieves it in a way that had me nodding in respect the entire time. Also SUPERHOTSUPERHOTSUPERHOTSUPERHOT

Submerged (PSN)10/7. 3/5 A really nice exploring filled adventure game. Just you, a boat, a dying brother, and water world.

Super Mario Maker (WiiU)2/22. 5/5 This also transcends the meaning of the game, as you start crafting levels of your own. The true joy comes from watching friends figure out the levels you have made. It's magical. Also...this game gives you ENDLESS Mario. wow.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (PSN)6/12. 4/5 This was great because I was really jonsing to play a baseball game. This was akin to what I played in the '90s. Over the top and super engaging.

Super Smash Brothers 3DS(3DS) 2/26 revisited. 5/5 I had more flights this year than usual, Smash was there for me every step of the way.

Tharsis (PSN)8/26. 2/5 It's Intriguing concept drew me in(Turn based, board game, space survival!) but after a good amount of time, the difficulty just seemed more cheap than challenging, I got frustrated and never returned to it.

That Dragon, Cancer (Steam)12/29. 5/5 My favorite game of the year. (see above)Also! The game came with this breathtaking documentary called "Thank you For Playing". It chronicles the making of the game and highs and lows of their family's journey through unfathomable times.

Three-Fourths Home (PSN)6/6. 4/5 It'd be better if I simply didn't say much on this. Worth playing, it's not long.

Time Clickers(IOS) 1/27. 3/5 So what. I kinda like clicker games. are you gonna fight me?

Titanfall 2 (PS4pro)12/20. 5/5 Titanfall 2 Is spectacular. the Multiplayer makes you feel so freaking cool. And the pace is so fast and invigorating. The main story had wonderful gameplay mechanics that made my jaw drop. Wish there was more story across the boards. Still. Brilliant game design.

Toren (PSN)1/14. 3/5 pretty harmless combat adventure game. You're a bad ass lady with a sword

Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition (PSN) 8/1. 3/5 You can be a cat shooting golden guns while riding a Unicorn

Trimps (URL) 1/9. 3/5 Like I said. Sometimes I like clicker games....

Uncharted 4 (PS4)5/13. 5/5 One of my favorite games (see above). Also, I really leaned into the Multiplayer. Swinging around large environments with your team. Multiple varied power-ups and a great arsenal of weapons. This game didn't need multiplayer. But I still dropped tons of hours into playing it.

Until Dawn (PS4)10/22. 4/5 Wow what a ride. A great spin on the choose your own adventure format.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)10/31. 3/5 A Horrific VR Rollercoaster Shooter

Virginia (PSN)10/9. 3/5 A pretty trippy tale. In the same vein as Thirty Flights of Loving.

Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)11/25. 5/5 One of my Favorite games of the year(see above) Also! Had some great music, and the most fun clothing options to date for me. I was constantly looking forward to what I could wear next, Trying to make it match the mission or vibes of the story.

The Witcher: Complete Edition (PS4)10/1. 5/5 One of the best game I've played. Period.( See above) Also! I read the books this year and the game really rewards you for doing so. Thanks Witcher!

The Witness (PSN)1/28. 4/5 Damn... the only game who beat me. Not a phrase I get to say often, if not ever. The game is brilliant. Too Brilliant for me. Well done.

The Wolf Among Us (PS3)4/21. 4/5 This Tell Tale has all kinds of Heart pumping style. The world in which it lives in utterly fascinating. I want more.

Wolfenstein The New Order (PS4)/16. 4/5 This was a really fun piece of work. Surprisingly fluid and intuitive combat

WildStar (Steam) 9/25. 3/5 I used this game to re-cut my teeth of MMO's. A game mechanic broke 5 hours in and I never rebooted it. But that's okay...I've upgraded to Elder Scrolls.

*2 URL, 8 IOS, 8 Steam, 2 WiiU, 1 3DS, 1 Table, 2 PS3, 11 PS4 Disc based, 31 PSN Downloaded, 9 PSVR

Top Three Series

3. Black Mirror Seasons 1-3

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Overalls Feels: Weighted, Smart, Dazzling, Sobering

What I Dug about the Show: The way it made you look around in your everyday life and see the elements what would lead to some of these spectacular and horrifying futures

Favorite Episode: "15 Million Merits" Season 1 Episode 2. This Pixar-like ballet of an absurd and maddening future was nothing short of poetry

2. Easy

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Natural, Intriguing, Voyeuristic

What I Dug about the Show: The Performances. Each held this air of believability that drove the stories to become beautifully interesting

Favorite Episode: "Art and Life" The wonderful performance from Marc Maron added with the great chemistry from Emily Ratajkowski, nailed home all the high concept conversational philosophies that spewed from them both with lyrical ease. Great stuff.

1. The Get Down

No Caption Provided

Overall Feels: Pride, Exuberance, Enlightenment...Baz Luhrman

What I Dug about the Show: It's a Hip-Hop/Gospel/Disco Musical in disguise. A romantic look at the burgeoning of Rap in the 70's. The amazing cast embodies the motion of the era with fantastic performances across the board. Every episode is simply dripping in style, making it my favorite show of the year.

Favorite Episode: " You Have Wings, Learn to Fly". This episode brings together so many elements from the show to set up for the finale. On top of that, Grand Master Flash delivers a powerful monologue about the power of music that I still re-watch on occasion

Be, Episodic (32 Series, 462 episodes)

*Dated then Rated

Ballers Season Two 10/5. 3/5

Black Mirror Season One-Three 11/14. 5/5

Choose Our Own Adventure! 1/13. 4/5

DareDevil Season Two 3/18. 4/5

Easy 9/23. 5/5

From Dusk Till Dawn Seasons One and Two 3/17. 2/5

Fuller House 6/5. 3/5

The Get Down 12/28. 5/5

Girls Season Five 8/3. 4/5

Going Postal 2/8. 5/5

Gunpowder Treason and Plot 6/10. 5/5

Hip-Hop Evolution 12/10. 3/5

Hitman Giantbomb 12/31. 4/5

Justice League Season One and Two 5/1. 4/5

Louie Season Five 2/28. 5/5

Luke Cage 12/23. 1/5

Making a Murderer 1/27. 4/5

Marco Polo Season Two 8/25. 5/5

Master of None 11/30. 5/5

Overwatch Digital Shorts 11/27. 5/5

Orange is the New Black Season 4 6/27. 4/5

Serial 2/26. 4/5

Skylanders Academy 11/13. 5/5

Star Wars The Clone Wars Seasons II-VI 3/10. 5/5

The Stolen Eye with Jane Elliot 6/14. 3/5

Stranger Things 8/15. 5/5

True Detective 6/17. 5/5

True Detective Season Two 7/22. 4/5

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Two 4/20. 4/5

Voltron: Legendary Defender 6/19. 5/5

The Walking Dead Season Six 9/25. 4/5

West World 12/19 5/5

Young Justice: Invasion 9/29. 5/5

Be, Filmed(114 Movies)

I missed a bunch of 2016 movies this year...totally dropped the ball. Hopefully, I'll pick up the slack in 2017

*Alphabetized then Rated on a scale from "Stunning! to Not for me"...

10 Cloverfield Lane 6/20-Stunning!

A Christmas Horror Story 12/23-Not for me

A Royal Night Out 6/30-This was Great

A Very Murray Christmas 1/15- It's Good

The Alphabet 1/12- This was Great

Assassin's Creed 12/26-This was Great

Attack On Titan Part I 7/8- It'sGood

Attack on Titan Part II 7/8- It's Good

Ava's Possessions 8/30- It's Good

Barry 12/19-This was Great

Batman Vs Robin 4/25-It's Good

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice 3/25-It's Good

Beasts of No Nation 3/3-Stunning!

The Book of Life 10/1-This was Great

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 2/29-Stunning

Captain America: Civil War 5/6-Stunning!

Cartel Land 4/5-This was Great

Children of the Corn 10/22-Not for me

Chimpanzee 7/11-It's Good

Cool World 2/19-It's Good

Concussion 6/21-This was Great

David Blaine Real or Magic 11/23-This was Great

Deadpool 2/1-This was Great

Deliverance 10/31-This was Great

The Descent 2/4-It's Good

The Descent II 2/5-Not for me

Diana 2/3-It's Good

Doctor Strange 11/6-This was Great

Drinking Buddies 9/23-Stunning!

Easy Come Easy Go 2/18-It's Good

Elizabeth 7/11-This is Great

Elizabeth: The Golden Age 7/5-Not for me

Fifty Shades of Grey 1/22-Not for me

The Flashpoint Paradox 3/10- It's Good

Frequency 1/17-Stunning!

From Dusk till Dawn 2/13- This was Great

Glory 8/10-Stunning!

The Good Dinosaur 6/30-It's Good

Goosebumps 5/24-It's Good

The Grand Budapest Hotel 2/20-Stunning!

Hannibal Buress Live from Chicago 2/29-It's Good

Hannibal Buress at The Fringe in Edinburgh 6/29-This was Great

Harry and the Hendersons 9/9-It's Good

The Hateful 8 12/17-Stunning!

Hitler's Children 2/29-It's Good

Holy Hell 10/29-This was Great

Hot Tub Time Machine II 2/5-It's Good

How to Train Your Dragon II 3/12-Stunning!

I Am Not Your Guru 9/8-It's Good

Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills 9/23-Not for me

Indie Game: Life After 11/26-Not for me

Inglorious Bastards(rewatch) 2/13-Stunning!

The Intern 7/14-It's Good

Jumper 9/14-It's Good

The Jungle Book 4/15-It's Good

Jurassic Park (rewatched)5/27-Stunning!

Jurassic Park: The Lost World (rewatched) 5/27-Not for me

Jurassic Park III (rewatched)5/27-Not for me

Justice League: War 4/18-It's Good

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis 4/23-This was Great

Justice League Vs Teen Titans 9/22-Not for me

Kindergarten Cop II 6/14- It's Good

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV 11/28-Stunning!

Last Shift 4/6-Not for me

Leon: The Professional 3/24-Stunning!

Leprechaun Origins 3/17-Not for me

London Has Fallen 9/15-It's Good

Looney Tunes Back in Action 6/14-Not for me

Lucy 4/30-It's Good

Maleficent 10/6-Not for me

Manhattan Night 5/22-It's Good

The Martian 8/13-It's Good

Mascots 10/17-This was Great

The Maze Runner 9/8-This was Great

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials 9/11-It's Good

Moana 11/25-Stunning!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding II 6/30-It's Good

The Neon Demon 12/15-Stunning!

Night at the Museum 4/27-It's Good

Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 4/28-It's Good

The Night of the Hunter 8/26-Stunning!

Nina Simone Lie at Ronnie Scott's 3/30-Stunning!

Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 6/3-This was Great

Olympus Has Fallen 9/16-It's Good

The Postman 2/29- It's Good

Pride and Prejudice 1/29-This was Great

The Revenant 1/22-This was Great

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 12/16-This was Great

San Andreas 5/1-Not for me

Santa Muscles 2/19-It's Good

Selma 7/11-Stunning!

Sense and Sensibility 2/6-It's Good

Son of Batman 4/21-This was Great

Stage Fright 8/24-Not for me

Suicide Squad 8/13-Not for me

Sunset Strip 3/11-It's Good

The Sheik 2/29-It's Good

Sherlock Holmes and the Abominable Bride 1/18-Stunning!

Star Trek: Beyond 7/31-It's Good

Straight Outta Compton 1/13-This was Great

Taken 2/25-It's Good

Taken II 2/26-It's Good

Taken III 4/29-It's Good

Tammy and the T-Rex 3/23-This was Great

Terminator Genisys 8/6-Not for me

Thank You For Playing 12/28 -Stunning!

The Thief and the Cobbler 3/19-Not for me

Tomorrowland 10/6-This was Great

Trumbo 7/8-Stunning!

Up (Reached)6/28-Stunning!

Vampire in Brooklyn 2/3-Not for me

Wish I was Here 4/15-It's Good

X-Men: Apocalypse 5/30-Not for me

Zootopia 6/30-Stunning!

Be, Listened (13 Albums)

Aladdin on Broadway 5/6

Boys Don't Cry- The Cure- 1/22

Deja Vu- Crosby Stills Nash and Young 11/27

Green Onions- Book T and the M.G.s 12/15

Hamilton An American Musical 5/1

The Hamilton Mixtape 12/30

Honky Chateau- Elton John 4/3

I Do not want what I haven't Got.- Sinead O'Conner 2/15

I'm Jimmy Reed- Jimmy Reed 4/3

The Little Mermaid Broadway 5/27

Rocky the Musical 5/10

Shrek the Musical 8/20

Spring Awakening 5/12

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